Magical Weekend

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Last week, on Saturday I went to Belanja Heboh Cita Cinta which is held by Cita Cinta magazine. It's really fun! Even though the sun was so bright and the weather's totally hot, I was excited! :D

Belanja Heboh Cita Cinta

We just need 15K to buy the entrance fee and we'll get a free Buavita 1L! In that event, we can find a lot booth which sells varied woman stuffs, from head to toe with affordable price! Then we can join with many kinds of coaching clinic, from make up, make a hand made accessories, until hijab tutorial. Besides that, we can enjoy live performance from many guests band, door prize, or if you wanna take a photo like a model for magazine cover, you can do that also and print it out. On that day, I've joined hijab tutorial and won the games. Yaay! So happy! And of course I've got a new friend too, it's really fun. The most unbelievable thing is the crew chosen me as best dress! Woohooo.... Can't believe it! I just wore my casual outfit, my jeans and blouse. Red blouse, because the dress code for this event is red. I'm sure that UP and Such! contribute to make me win that award. :)

Me and another winner :)

The prize and what I've bought from BHCC

Well, actually besides BHCC, I was super excited with Harry Potter. Yupp! I'm talking about last movie series, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow part 2. At the same day, I watched it with my boyfriend and his friends. Why I'm so excited? As you know, since the first movie came out in 2001, Harry Potter and The Philosoper's Stone (or Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone), this is the very last movie, the last battle between Harry and Voldemort. It's epic movie! It's a great battle ever between two of them, and involve all of Hogwarts's resident. Honestly, I'm so in love with Harry Potter, and me so sad, because I can't watch them again, can't see 9 3/4 platform, Hogwarts, and so on. But we can still meet them through the books. J. K Rowling is awesome!! :) Thank you for bringing us to enter the great magical story ever.

Picture from here

Sometimes, I'm too much thinking about Harry Potter's world. It seems it would be great and fun if I could go to school like Hogwarts! So many adventures and unexpected things. I know it's impossible, but I enjoy my daydreaming about it! :)
Oh ya, for you who already watched it, don't you think that Albus Severus Potter is really cute? Yeah, I love him much! He's Arthur Bowen. ;)

All pictures from here

That's my weekend, how about you? Hope you had a great weekend too! :)


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