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It's Monday already. How's your fasting and day so far? Hope everything will be fine. ;)

Today is a special day for our region, yupp it's ASEAN Day!
Forty-four years ago The Association of Southeast Asian Nations was established in Bangkok, Thailand, yupp on 8 August 1967 with signing of the ASEAN Declaration or known as Bangkok Declaration. And the thing that make me so proud about this is our beloved country, Indonesia is one of the Founding Father of ASEAN. Don't you have same feeling with me? ;)
Besides Indonesia, there are Malaysia, the Philipine, Singapore, and Thailand. Until today we have 10 members States of ASEAN, with additional countries namely Brunei Darussalam, Viet Nam, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Well, it just short story about ASEAN, and I guess most of you already know about it. Just want to refresh it since today is ASEAN Day. :)

One Vision, One Identity, One Community is ASEAN motto. I love this motto anyway. In my opinion it describes establishment of ASEAN Community by 2015. I'm so excited about this thing. It will be great if we integrated in one community, such as European Union (EU). Well yeah, EU's already fully integrated, but we still on our way to go there. At least through ASEAN Community, our association can be more stronger and steady in nowadays world's situation.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday dear ASEAN! :)
Me, as ASEAN citizen, have a big hope to ASEAN itsellf. Good luck and let's make dreams come true, ASEAN Community.

ASEAN Emblem from here

For you who interest with all of things about ASEAN you can visit their website here.
Have a nice Monday all! :)


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