Independence Day of Indonesia

by - 9:30 PM

Dear my beloved country, Indonesia....

You're getting older, 66th years old already. But I still love you. :)

Long time ago, our people fighting for this country, fighting for freedom from colonialism of foreign countries, which is Dutch and also Japan. On 17 August 1945, finally we got our freedom and celebrated our independence day. But what happen with Indonesia today?

Even though we're already free from foreign countries colonialism, I think the biggest 'war' that we have to handle is with our nations itself. Well, I'm not politician or expert in this issue *even though I was International Relations student ;)* this is just my opinion. Nowadays, we face a lot of problems. I saw injustice, poverty, hunger, educational inequality, corruption, etc. I don't want to blame government itself, but I feel there is something wrong with our bureaucracy. Sometimes I'm tired of it. Then what should we do to protect our future generation?? Me, always try to obey the rules and regulations in this country. No matter what happened in outside there, it will be better if we can start little good things from ourselves. I still believe that we can move forward and change to be better nations! Just be optimist and positive! :)

Oh ya, I found interesting thing, to commemorate our independence day, here's today Google theme:

That theme is describe our celebration through traditional game called "Panjat Pinang" :)
Anyway, with those conditions, I still love Indonesian food, cultures, natural resources, and of course a lot of beautiful places like heaven on earth! :D


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