Hallyu Attack!

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Aaa~~~ it's Sunday already and tomorrow have to go back to work! :p
Well today is 14th day of fasting for moslem people. How about you guys? Me, so far so good. But, today I'm so lazy to go out and I just laying on my bed, browsing, and surfing interesting thing through my phone. And I remember I haven't posting anything since last Monday, so I made two in day! Hahaha..

Oh ya, on Saturday I went to Korean Cultural Center (KCC) Indonesia. They just held opening ceremony in the middle of July. It's a quite new, but I think they already have a lot of fans! ;)
Yesterday I just planned to pick my KCC's member card, but their library was so tempting. So I decided to stay there for a while. Kkk.. Well, that's my first time to go there, but I'm obviously falling in love with that place. Hohoho.. Honestly, it brings my back! I feel like in Ajou's library (my spring semester's school), because I found a lot of Korean books, uhm not only many kind of books but also you can find Korean magazines, CD of Korean songs from various Korean idol, such as Super Junior, 2 PM, GD & T.O.P, etc, and of course Korean movies! All of them are original and they have very nice packaging! Kyaaaaak! Wanna bring them all to my home! Secret Garden, Personal Taste, Boys Before Flower, He's Beautiful and many more. But actually if we're KCC member, we can borrow them. Then for you who want to learn Korean language, you can register yourself to join with Korean language class. Again, another benefit from membership of KCC besides allowed to borrow any kind of things from library, you'll get 10% discount for language class (excluding book)! Yaayness!! :D Also we'll to be informed if they have any events. And we don't have to pay anything to become KCC's member! It sounds great and interesting, isn't it? :)
For me, it's Hallyu (Korean wave) attack, many Indonesian youngster/people attacked by this wave. And me? Yeahh I'm one of Hallyu victim! :))

You can find KCC through their Twitter @KCC_Indonesia or Facebook KCC Indonesia, and here are several corners of KCC:

All pictures from here

Yeahh, I always excited when I'm talking about Korea. It just because I have a great and wonderful memories during my stay in that Ginseng country. I'm so happy that I found KCC in here. As International Relations student, for me it's a great soft diplomacy. I wish that Indonesia can do better than Korea regarding this matter. :D You know what, I always amazed the way they're promote their country. Geographically, our country is more bigger than them, but they can promote what they have very well. Salute! I hope our Tourism Ministry can learn something from them. Well, that's only my opinion, if you have one, you can share it here. :)

Since morning, I didn't go anywhere, no plan and yeahh my another laziness. Hhehehe.. Oh ya, while Youtube-ing I found this song. It's cover song from C.N. Blue (one of Korean band that I like), they're singing Geek In The Pink from Jason Mraz. Here they are.... Enjoy! ;)

Wish you had a great weekend all! ;)


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  2. Sure! Haahahhaha
    Ini di SCBD, Equity Tower 17th floor.
    Ayo ayo kesana. You'll never regret it! Kkk ;)

  3. i'm not korean fans.. but, kayanya seru :)

  4. Hi All....

    i love it's info cool!!

  5. Oww seemed like u have a great day! I love things about korea ;) btw..mind to visit n follow me? I'll follow u back then ;)