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During this pregnancy, I feel like my skin getting dry, looks dull and acne in certain spot. Yes, I guess it'll be last until my pregnancy journey end, but I don't mind. Somehow, when laziness hit me, I left my skin condition as it is, but I realized that even during pregnancy, doesn't mean you cannot taking care of your skin health, right? I know there are some ingredients that must be avoided by pregnant woman, so it make me more picky to have or buy skin care during pregnancy. Here I want to share my savior during this special time, tadaaaaa~

Maybe some of you already know or use this product since long time ago, while me, a newbie in skincare wolrd. But I always have a special connection with Korean beauty product, hehehe. At first, I knew this product from various beauty blogger review and also when I was attended the Laneige K-Beauty week last year. After that, I'm so curious about this water based products. Then, I asked help from my friend to buy it when she's in Korea (because it quite difficult to find the lip mask here at that time, I guess because some of beauty influencer/blogger reviewed it hihihi).

Oh ya, Laneige said that this product safe for pregnant woman. So, this post basically my personal opinion and review about those products. Hope you'll find it useful. ;)

  • Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
For me, this is amazing overnight mask (so far). Trying this product for the first time without problem. All good, my skin condition getting better. This overnight mask can give you well rested appearance in the next morning when you wake up. Laneige claimed that this product contains Sleep-tox purifying effect, Moisture Wrap that can help your skin to retain moisture throughout the night and also aromatic Sleepscent which can help you relax during sleep.

The packaging: Inside the blue box, you will find handy blue jar with matte-frosted finish and also small spatula to keep your mask hygiene (but if you want to use your hand, please make sure that your hand is clean). The size is quite friendly for travelling (tested, and it was okay with me).

The texture: It's very light, not sticky, watery, and the smell is so refreshing, also relaxing at the same time. I feel that the mask absorbed by the skin very well and moist instantly. Actually I don't mind if I have to use it every night. :p

How to use it:
1. Clean your face before you apply this mask,
2. Take an appropriate amount of the mask using the spatula, then apply it on your nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin in dots (they suggest to take a breath, smell the scent for 3 seconds before you spread it),
3. Spread gently with outward strokes,
4. Then leave it overnight, wash your face in the next morning, and say hello to well rested skin!

You can use 2-3 times in a week, or more than that if your skin really need it.

The verdict: love love love!! Since my skin type is dry (or even extremely dry) I really love how this watery based product works during night time. So happy to see my face looks fresh and moist in the next morning. Repurchase? for sure!

  • Lip Sleeping Mask
Have an addiction to wear matte lipstick? Yes.
Having problem with dry/extremely dry lips? Yea, definitely.

I know dry lips may happen due to various reason, for me, sometimes too much wearing matte lipstick but too lazy to use lip balm. Another reason, either I'm dehydrated (less mineral water supply), bad habit to peel/rub the dry skin using my hand, or moistened my lips with saliva (emmm... i know, hahahha xp). Now I don't need to worry about it, because finally I found the answer for this disturbing problem. 

The packaging: Not really that different with Water Sleeping Mask, this one come with smaller jar with pretty pink color. There is also small spatula inside the box.

The texture: Creamy, and when you put it on your lips, somehow it quite sticky, but I don't mind since I leave it to bed anyway.

This lip sleeping mask really help my dry lips to make it moist and supple when I woke up in the next morning, and it also remove your died skin cells on the lips. Sounds great? Absolutely! First thing that I love about this product is the smell. The smell is so sweet, fruity and fragrance (feels like I want to eat this mask :p).

It because this mask contains vitamin C-rich Berry Mix Complex™ (raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, blueberry extracts). Which is they are very rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants to make dry and rough lips smooth and supple. Beside the delicious fragrance, this mask have Moisture Wrap, which their hyaluronic acid mineral network forms a moisturizing film to help lock in active ingredients and the skin to absorb and retain moisture through the night.

How to use it:
1. Before you're going to bed, just pun an adequate amount of the mask using the spatula,
2. When you wake up in the next morning, gently wipe your lips with tissue or cotton pad (myself, prefer cotton pad).

After that you're gonna feel that you lip is so smooth and elastic. I usually use it 2-3 times in a week (depends on my lip condition).

The verdict: I love this product a lot! Finally I found my holy grail to care my dry lips. Thanks Laneige!

So, I can tell you that both products are my current favorite to keep my skin moist and no more chapped lips. Well, this is not the only one problem that I have during this pregnancy, and I'll share it to you later~


p.s: more info about this product:
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