Ducks Re-United

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"Five little ducks went out to swim
Tall one short one, fat and thin
But the one little duck with the feather on the back
Left all the other with the quack quack quack
Down to the river do they go
Webble webble webble webble to and fro
But the one little duck with the feather on the back
Left all the other with the quack quack quack"

Suddenly I remember that song, but so sorry if I made some mistakes on the lyric. Hihihi... The title is Five Little Ducks. The song's united us and introduced to us during Westphalia 2005 (it's an orientation program for new students in my department, more precisely our class of 2005). It's already 6 years ago since we enter International Relations Department, Universitas Padjadjaran. Most of us already graduated and now we're working in the different areas. Yupp, we're blend into the real world. Maybe for some people, including me, our life is changing, and I realized it's really different with college life. At that time we did a lot of fun and crazy things together easily, and of course because we still have a lot of free time to spend! Now, free time is kinda difficult thing, especially if we want to conduct class of 2005 gathering.

On Friday, some of my friends set up our gathering plus break fasting. We met after office hour at Tawan Restaurant, FX and I was late, yeahh! Poor me! :P Fortunately my fellas still there! Hohoho.. But unfortunately, we're not in full team of 2005's class. But we still enjoy our togetherness. Later we have to arrange another gathering and all of 2005 have to come! After ate a lot of food, chit-chat about many things, took a lot of pictures, some of us went to karaoke for a while, kkk it just like the old days. :)

Here are some our happiness:

Me and my bestie,Tariska

Candid me taken by Indra

Thank you for the documentation, the photos are super lovely dear Egi, Indra, Ainel and Achie.
It's a fun and great night! See you next time! Love you all guys!


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