Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Laneige K-Beauty Week

It's December already, and time flies really fast. Ah well, I'm still here, quite busy with office stuff but still trying to manage my work life balance through joining several events, specifically beauty events. :p

Last month, me and my friend went to Laneige beauty talk show and workshop with Alodita and Sasyachi. She's interested to join because both of us are Alo's fan and I also curious to try new beauty product. Plus, this one is Korean brand, which is makes me feel more excited. Actually I already knew Laneige since I lived in Korea, but has no chance to but because it's soooooo expensive at that time (yea, student have no extra money to shop, hahhaha).

Monday, December 7, 2015

Sparkle of ORORI Jewelry

"Big girls need big diamonds" - Elizabeth Taylor

What comes to your mind when you're thinking about diamond or finding perfect jewelry? Have you ever tried to buy jewelry online? I think most of us will go straight to jewelry store, choose and try the right size directly, instead of buying those online. But since 2004 ORORI is a pioneer and the only one online jewelry store in Indonesia. They offer time efficiency on buying jewelry, yet secure transaction.