Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Eid Mubarak 1432 H

Dear all....


It's the end of The Holy Month, Ramadhan for all of moslems in the world, and today we celebrate it. Ied, Lebaran, or whatever you name it. Actually I'm so sad, hope I can meet the next Ramadhan. Amin.. :)
May God always bless you with joy, happiness, health, and every good things in your life.

Enjoy your holiday and gathering with your family. :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Independence Day of Indonesia

Dear my beloved country, Indonesia....

You're getting older, 66th years old already. But I still love you. :)

Long time ago, our people fighting for this country, fighting for freedom from colonialism of foreign countries, which is Dutch and also Japan. On 17 August 1945, finally we got our freedom and celebrated our independence day. But what happen with Indonesia today?

Even though we're already free from foreign countries colonialism, I think the biggest 'war' that we have to handle is with our nations itself. Well, I'm not politician or expert in this issue *even though I was International Relations student ;)* this is just my opinion. Nowadays, we face a lot of problems. I saw injustice, poverty, hunger, educational inequality, corruption, etc. I don't want to blame government itself, but I feel there is something wrong with our bureaucracy. Sometimes I'm tired of it. Then what should we do to protect our future generation?? Me, always try to obey the rules and regulations in this country. No matter what happened in outside there, it will be better if we can start little good things from ourselves. I still believe that we can move forward and change to be better nations! Just be optimist and positive! :)

Oh ya, I found interesting thing, to commemorate our independence day, here's today Google theme:

That theme is describe our celebration through traditional game called "Panjat Pinang" :)
Anyway, with those conditions, I still love Indonesian food, cultures, natural resources, and of course a lot of beautiful places like heaven on earth! :D


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hallyu Attack!

Aaa~~~ it's Sunday already and tomorrow have to go back to work! :p
Well today is 14th day of fasting for moslem people. How about you guys? Me, so far so good. But, today I'm so lazy to go out and I just laying on my bed, browsing, and surfing interesting thing through my phone. And I remember I haven't posting anything since last Monday, so I made two in day! Hahaha..

Oh ya, on Saturday I went to Korean Cultural Center (KCC) Indonesia. They just held opening ceremony in the middle of July. It's a quite new, but I think they already have a lot of fans! ;)
Yesterday I just planned to pick my KCC's member card, but their library was so tempting. So I decided to stay there for a while. Kkk.. Well, that's my first time to go there, but I'm obviously falling in love with that place. Hohoho.. Honestly, it brings my back! I feel like in Ajou's library (my spring semester's school), because I found a lot of Korean books, uhm not only many kind of books but also you can find Korean magazines, CD of Korean songs from various Korean idol, such as Super Junior, 2 PM, GD & T.O.P, etc, and of course Korean movies! All of them are original and they have very nice packaging! Kyaaaaak! Wanna bring them all to my home! Secret Garden, Personal Taste, Boys Before Flower, He's Beautiful and many more. But actually if we're KCC member, we can borrow them. Then for you who want to learn Korean language, you can register yourself to join with Korean language class. Again, another benefit from membership of KCC besides allowed to borrow any kind of things from library, you'll get 10% discount for language class (excluding book)! Yaayness!! :D Also we'll to be informed if they have any events. And we don't have to pay anything to become KCC's member! It sounds great and interesting, isn't it? :)
For me, it's Hallyu (Korean wave) attack, many Indonesian youngster/people attacked by this wave. And me? Yeahh I'm one of Hallyu victim! :))

You can find KCC through their Twitter @KCC_Indonesia or Facebook KCC Indonesia, and here are several corners of KCC:

All pictures from here

Yeahh, I always excited when I'm talking about Korea. It just because I have a great and wonderful memories during my stay in that Ginseng country. I'm so happy that I found KCC in here. As International Relations student, for me it's a great soft diplomacy. I wish that Indonesia can do better than Korea regarding this matter. :D You know what, I always amazed the way they're promote their country. Geographically, our country is more bigger than them, but they can promote what they have very well. Salute! I hope our Tourism Ministry can learn something from them. Well, that's only my opinion, if you have one, you can share it here. :)

Since morning, I didn't go anywhere, no plan and yeahh my another laziness. Hhehehe.. Oh ya, while Youtube-ing I found this song. It's cover song from C.N. Blue (one of Korean band that I like), they're singing Geek In The Pink from Jason Mraz. Here they are.... Enjoy! ;)

Wish you had a great weekend all! ;)


Ducks Re-United

"Five little ducks went out to swim
Tall one short one, fat and thin
But the one little duck with the feather on the back
Left all the other with the quack quack quack
Down to the river do they go
Webble webble webble webble to and fro
But the one little duck with the feather on the back
Left all the other with the quack quack quack"

Suddenly I remember that song, but so sorry if I made some mistakes on the lyric. Hihihi... The title is Five Little Ducks. The song's united us and introduced to us during Westphalia 2005 (it's an orientation program for new students in my department, more precisely our class of 2005). It's already 6 years ago since we enter International Relations Department, Universitas Padjadjaran. Most of us already graduated and now we're working in the different areas. Yupp, we're blend into the real world. Maybe for some people, including me, our life is changing, and I realized it's really different with college life. At that time we did a lot of fun and crazy things together easily, and of course because we still have a lot of free time to spend! Now, free time is kinda difficult thing, especially if we want to conduct class of 2005 gathering.

On Friday, some of my friends set up our gathering plus break fasting. We met after office hour at Tawan Restaurant, FX and I was late, yeahh! Poor me! :P Fortunately my fellas still there! Hohoho.. But unfortunately, we're not in full team of 2005's class. But we still enjoy our togetherness. Later we have to arrange another gathering and all of 2005 have to come! After ate a lot of food, chit-chat about many things, took a lot of pictures, some of us went to karaoke for a while, kkk it just like the old days. :)

Here are some our happiness:

Me and my bestie,Tariska

Candid me taken by Indra

Thank you for the documentation, the photos are super lovely dear Egi, Indra, Ainel and Achie.
It's a fun and great night! See you next time! Love you all guys!


Monday, August 8, 2011


It's Monday already. How's your fasting and day so far? Hope everything will be fine. ;)

Today is a special day for our region, yupp it's ASEAN Day!
Forty-four years ago The Association of Southeast Asian Nations was established in Bangkok, Thailand, yupp on 8 August 1967 with signing of the ASEAN Declaration or known as Bangkok Declaration. And the thing that make me so proud about this is our beloved country, Indonesia is one of the Founding Father of ASEAN. Don't you have same feeling with me? ;)
Besides Indonesia, there are Malaysia, the Philipine, Singapore, and Thailand. Until today we have 10 members States of ASEAN, with additional countries namely Brunei Darussalam, Viet Nam, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Well, it just short story about ASEAN, and I guess most of you already know about it. Just want to refresh it since today is ASEAN Day. :)

One Vision, One Identity, One Community is ASEAN motto. I love this motto anyway. In my opinion it describes establishment of ASEAN Community by 2015. I'm so excited about this thing. It will be great if we integrated in one community, such as European Union (EU). Well yeah, EU's already fully integrated, but we still on our way to go there. At least through ASEAN Community, our association can be more stronger and steady in nowadays world's situation.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday dear ASEAN! :)
Me, as ASEAN citizen, have a big hope to ASEAN itsellf. Good luck and let's make dreams come true, ASEAN Community.

ASEAN Emblem from here

For you who interest with all of things about ASEAN you can visit their website here.
Have a nice Monday all! :)


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Polly Meets Transformers

Hi all! How's your fasting so far (for moslem)? I hope everything run smoothly. :)

Well, yesterday I watched Transformers: Dark of The Moon with my boyfriend. Actually I'm not a big fan of them, but I enjoy and just like it. Anyway, this time I watched in 3D, I think the story is so-so, but the visualization effect is SUPERB! Another things that I love from this movie are the cars that they use, and Josh Duhamel! He's so hot! Then, after watching the movie, I just wondering when we can make movies like that! hahhaha :D

Picture from here

Josh Duhamel on premiere of Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon

Josh as Major William Lennox on Transformers 3

And here's my new mate, Polly Floral Blue from UP

Hope everyone have a great weekend! :)


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Magical Weekend

Last week, on Saturday I went to Belanja Heboh Cita Cinta which is held by Cita Cinta magazine. It's really fun! Even though the sun was so bright and the weather's totally hot, I was excited! :D

Belanja Heboh Cita Cinta

We just need 15K to buy the entrance fee and we'll get a free Buavita 1L! In that event, we can find a lot booth which sells varied woman stuffs, from head to toe with affordable price! Then we can join with many kinds of coaching clinic, from make up, make a hand made accessories, until hijab tutorial. Besides that, we can enjoy live performance from many guests band, door prize, or if you wanna take a photo like a model for magazine cover, you can do that also and print it out. On that day, I've joined hijab tutorial and won the games. Yaay! So happy! And of course I've got a new friend too, it's really fun. The most unbelievable thing is the crew chosen me as best dress! Woohooo.... Can't believe it! I just wore my casual outfit, my jeans and blouse. Red blouse, because the dress code for this event is red. I'm sure that UP and Such! contribute to make me win that award. :)

Me and another winner :)

The prize and what I've bought from BHCC

Well, actually besides BHCC, I was super excited with Harry Potter. Yupp! I'm talking about last movie series, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow part 2. At the same day, I watched it with my boyfriend and his friends. Why I'm so excited? As you know, since the first movie came out in 2001, Harry Potter and The Philosoper's Stone (or Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone), this is the very last movie, the last battle between Harry and Voldemort. It's epic movie! It's a great battle ever between two of them, and involve all of Hogwarts's resident. Honestly, I'm so in love with Harry Potter, and me so sad, because I can't watch them again, can't see 9 3/4 platform, Hogwarts, and so on. But we can still meet them through the books. J. K Rowling is awesome!! :) Thank you for bringing us to enter the great magical story ever.

Picture from here

Sometimes, I'm too much thinking about Harry Potter's world. It seems it would be great and fun if I could go to school like Hogwarts! So many adventures and unexpected things. I know it's impossible, but I enjoy my daydreaming about it! :)
Oh ya, for you who already watched it, don't you think that Albus Severus Potter is really cute? Yeah, I love him much! He's Arthur Bowen. ;)

All pictures from here

That's my weekend, how about you? Hope you had a great weekend too! :)


Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome Holy Month, Ramadhan


Happy fasting to all of moslem in the world. Sorry for all of mistakes that I've made during past months. Hope all of you have a blessing and happy Ramadhan. :)