Friday, May 15, 2015

Sunny Mangrove Park

Hello Fri-yay!

Yesterday we had day off, and before back to office, strugling with traffic jam, sit in front of PC, let's take a break for a while. Then I ask my husband to go to Mangrove Eco Tourism Park in Pantai Indah Kapuk (North Jakarta area). He agreed, and we've planned to go the in the morning. But in actual, we're late! Hahhaha I woke up very late (after praying), and we arrived there around 11:30 am. The sun was so bright and totally "sunny"! :'D

But since we already there, we prepared umbrella and hat. Eventhough the weather was so hot, so many people came to this place. I know it's a mainstream place, it's so popular for taking pre-wedding picture, but still want to see directly what's in there. So I think most of people have same goal, taking a lot of pictures (well actually I did it as well, but not for long time because it's so hot, hahhahaha).

Monday, May 11, 2015

Calligraphy Mood

Hello Monday!

Feel great to start the week with happy feeling and excitement. Well, recently I keep posting some photos about #craftyweekend or #artsyweekend on my IG feed. Actually it's like something that I really want to do it since a long time ago, but I just had a chance these days. In short, I found a lot of interesting IG feed that help me to fulfill my hobby on crafty or art class.

This time, I found this interesting class from Mau Belajar Apa IG. It's calligraphy workshop with Ms. Chia from C for Calligraphy! I've been eyeing to join her class, but never get the seat or simply, I missed the information. And finally, I got the long-awaited class for last Saturday! Wooohoooo~

Monday, May 4, 2015

Pandora Box: First Timer

Hello good people!

I feel so happy today since my long weekend was productive. Actually me and my husband had no plan for holiday (since it's too mainstream :p), but I asked permission from him to join garage sale, and he's so happy. It means I can 'throw away' some unused stuffs at home, and give a room for another one. Here we go, first timer as Pandora Box tenant with my colleague.