Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cotton Ink Store


Yesterday, Cotton Ink had grand opening for their store in Kemang. Yes, finally my favorite local brand have their own physical store. Before that, they gave us surprise with giving away a lot of shopping voucher for 100 video reposter on Instagram. Unfortunately I'm not the big 5 reposter, but still got a chance to have 100k voucher. Yeayy! Thank you~

The store was open for soft opening since last March, and I just made to visit their store yesterday. The store it's quite spacious, and I love the ambiance. The white wall, clean look and sophisticated. Feels like home, hahaha (well I will come back here again and again to see what's hot there ;D)

Okay, here's some snaps from yesterday visit.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weaving Time

Hi good people!

Currently I'm in love with doing crafty thing again (my mood is back anyway :p). Since I'm living in the town, I found a lot of interesting stuff, such as crafty class, various events, and many more. But somehow I couldn't make it. Until I found Living Loving , the one who bring my mood back to do this. :D

My first exeperience when I was join their Play with Flower class last August 2014, it is because of my favorite blogger, Claradevi was there, hehehe But after joined the class, I'm addicted to join with another class. But unfortunately, when I found interesting class, their class always fully booked in very short time (next time, I have to be more faster! :p).

This time, I'm interested in their weaving class, but same thing happened again, I missed their afternoon delight and almost missed this LL class. Then I was signing up for waiting list, and fortunately someone drop it and I've got their 2nd session last Saturday! Wooohooooo~

Here's some excitement from last weekend,

Aidea Studio

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pink Tiffany

Hello SUNny SUNday,

It feels great when we have bright and sunny day on weekend. More energy and excitement to do anything else besides working at the office. Last week, when we had short getaway to Bandung, the weather was gloomy and heavy rain at noon. Then I decided to wear sweater but with a lil bit touch of preppy look, and I bring my favorite piece from the most favorite local brand, Cotton Ink.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Finally... After a year, adapting as a husband and wife, moving, do this and that, we can travel again. Well it's short getaway, but anyway, we still can have fun and away from our routine for a while. We took a leave and got a bonus from Easter holiday. So, we decided to go to Bandung, I know it's too mainstream for having vacation, but we don't really care, it's quite close from Jakarta and we can drive by ourselves, besides I miss Bandung so much!

Since this is long weekend, we've predicted the traffic, we know it will be bad (but that's not really bad after all, but the weather yes) and almost all of hotel has been fully booked (indeed). But we're kinda lucky, for the first day, we stayed at the cutest bed & breakfast, called Cottonwood. I've been eyeing this place since months ago, but never got a chance to stay in this place until this week. Funny thing is my husband thought that this place have a relation with my favorite local brand, Cotton Ink (since I'm quite freak with this brand) :p

Let's take a look around....

Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast House's entrance