Saturday, September 3, 2011

In A Relationship With: Local Brands

It's September already! Time flies so fast and Ramadhan's already over, also Idul Fitri. In Indonesia, we have 2 days of public holiday for 1st and 2nd Syawal 1432 H. But I didn't take leaves from the office. So I just have 2 days to stay and gather with my family. Sad yes, but I have to be cheer up. For the sake of my future! haha.. Well, since I don't have internet connection all the time, last week I didn't post anything. Kkk but usually I did it from my smart phone. It really help me. I know it's quite late to post this, but I still want to post it. ;)

What I wore on my very-short-Lebaran-holiday this year are from my favorite local brands, which is Cotton Ink, Allura and UP. Yupp, I'm in love and support our local brand. They're so creative, I love their unique and lovely items.

Cotton Ink - Earth Holy Month 2011 Collection

Allura's Victorian Necklace (Batik edition)

Uniquely Anjani Beige

I love this Cotton Ink's Kaftan so much, so comfort to wear it all day long, pairing with my favorite shoes, UP. Since this Kaftan is for all size, I bought it for my mom too. But I'm forgot to take picture of her wearing it. Fufufu.. Besides that, I found another interesting online shop (yeah I'm freak about this one, hahaha) which sells beautiful accessories, Allura by Nasya Marissa. Her creations are super gorgeous, adorable and stunning! Well yeah, I'm officially falling in love with local brands [I'll make post about this separately ;)].

Hope you all enjoying this holiday and may God always protect and bless us with joy, happiness, prosperous life.