Singapore Trip (Part 2)

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After my first day arrival in Singapore, alone and struggling with the period, until I met my husband and straight to the concert, here's another part... :D

Tired yet happy face

Sunday, September 27th, 2015

Just got back from MUSE concert around 12 AM with my period cramps and stiff legs, but super happy! Hahahhaha Finally, watched them live, and enjoyed the show with my husband! \(^o^)/ But somehow, when we arrived at the hotel (yeaa too late, I know) there’s something that I quite regret, it’s when I rejected my husband offer to stand by at the backstage, waiting for Muse members to come out, and he said that maybe I could get a chance to take a picture with them (especially Matt). I admit it, my body couldn’t compromise and my husband still jet lag even though at that time he said ok. Still, I decided not to wait for them (now I’m praying, hopefully I can get a chance to meet them if they visit Indonesia for Drones World Tour) and straight away to nearest MRT station. OK, I think enough talking about Muse concert (I can’t move on from that day really!). I’m afraid that I can’t stop blabbering about that, hahhaha but if you’re wondering about the concert, you can read my post here.

In the morning, I woke up with stiff legs and remaining period cramp. Doh! But the holiday must go on, since my husband haven’t got a chance to enjoy the city yet. After we had a breakfast near the hotel, we went to Orchard, just strolled around there and then Gardens by The Bay in the afternoon. The weather was quite better than the first day when I arrived, but still slightly hazy and hot. Oh ya, actually we’ve made a deal that he will accompany me to Garden by The Bay, as long as I bought Lego for him (whatttt?!) and I said yes, hahhahaha But unfortunately, the items that he wants more pricey than in Indonesia (sorry my dearest, let’s buy it in Jakarta then :p) Instead of bought Lego, I found the watch that I’ve been eyeing before, and husband bought it for me as my early birthday gift. Thank you love! :*

Back to 80s-90s

Arrived at Gardens by the Bay around 4 PM, and bought the tickets for Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. I didn’t manage to buy the ticket online when we’re still in Jakarta, the queue quite long but dint wait too long since they have a lot of ticket box and gave the good services. We bought the ticket for two conservatories, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

First stop was Flower Dome, and at that time they had Celebrations of Chrysanthemums (starts from September 24th until November 10th). Honestly, I’m not a fan of Chrysanthemums, but I love flower so much! I still can enjoy the conservatory for sure. When we entered the gate, our eyes will be pampered by the colorful of various Chrysanthemums everywhere. In traditional Chinese art, Chrysanthemums is a symbolic feature to represent the autumn season. You’d find the variety of Chrysanthemums like Spider, Pompon, and Disbud.

Just a little warning, your screen will be flooded by beautiful flowers....

They displayed all of the flower very nicely, it made me want to stay there for whole day! Hohohoho As you can see, in this pretty conservatory, they have several different gardens, such as Australian, South African, South American, Californian, Mediterranean, Olive Grove, Baobabs and Bottle Trees, Succulent Garden, and last but not least the Flower Field where you can find the Chrysanthemums celebration (as far as I know, it’ll always change depends on the season or certain celebration). Unfortunately I didn’t manage to bring the camera, so I only use my phone camera and our Yi cam. But anyway, we’re here to enjoy the garden (as my husband said). :D

Cloud Forest was our second stop, which have same cold temperature with Flower Dome. Giant waterfall welcomed us when we entered the conservatory. The ambiance quite different in here, misty and so many green plants, forest beauty. In here we can explore different areas, at first we took a walk up to the highest of the mountain, Lost World, from here the view were very nice (it would be great if there's no haze).

Lego flower

Too high!

When we walked on the Cloud Walk, it was amazing experience (at least for me, because I’m afraid with height), and also we could see various plants outside the mountain in closed up view. In here we’re not only enjoying the view, but also you can get knowledge about our earth and planet. Earth Check can help you to know more about facts, figure and amazing statistics of our earth and also the problem we’re facing due to climate change and +5 Degrees area will give you experience the effect of increasing temperature. Before you’re out from the conservatory, you’ll enjoy Secret Garden as the end of our journey to Cloud Forest.

We're not stopped there, at night the Supertree Grove gave us beautiful light performance. But then again, there were already full with a bunch of people and we didn’t manage to try OCBC Skyway. So, we just sat down, enjoy the night and lights. That was beautiful experience.

After strolled around for almost whole day, we had a quick dinner at Zam Zam Restaurant (again, for me), and back to the hotel after our happy tummy full with delicious Murtabak :D

Monday, September 28th, 2015

We’re checked out from the hotel in the morning, straight to the airport and had to be ready to come back home. Both of us felt tired, especially after all those drama (sudden business trip, haze, travel with period) in this trip, but I can say it was awesome trip. Well of course our top highlight was Muse concert, that's the best experience for me! o(^o^)o 

Thank you, and see you when I see you, Singapore. ;)

Oh ya, hopefully you're enjoying all those pictures, dear readers.


p.s: Hey love, I think we should come back here later, and explore the city more.

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