Singapore Trip (Part 1)

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Wow, it's November already. Time flies so fast, we almost reach at the end of 2015. Last month, feels like got no chance to write after office hour, while weekend always have something to do. But I promised to myself that I'm gonna write as much as I can. So, let's keep writing. ;D

At the end of September, we went to Singapore to watch Muse concert. Yes, it's our the most favorite band ever! (you can check it here). We've planned to stay there more than just watched the concert, so we decided to make our holiday a bit longer. But... all of sudden we have ti change our plan. Why? Unfortunately there are some issues that came up around two weeks before our holiday. My husband have to go to another continent (yea, our headquarter office) for business travelling. Good! I was freaking out that time, but I don't want to complain about his job. So I took that's a bonus for his career. Since then, we prepared another plan. I was gonna be solo traveler on the first and second (half) day, and we're gonna meet at the airport, and straight to the concert. Sounds great? Yea!! \(^o^)/

Honestly I don't mind if I have to travel alone (well I ever imagine that I will travel somewhere by myself, hehehe). Well, Singapore condition at several past weeks in September was not really that good. Yes, if you aware it's because of the haze, and to be honest, I feel so shame because it came from my country (doh!). Yup, haze was one of issue that I was afraid of. The night before my departure the PSI level getting higher and higher by the time. I was so nervous and a bit panic (yea, my husband in another country, and I have to travel by myself on that kind of condition). What I did on that day was just checking regularly the PSI level through National Environmental Agency Singapore Twitter. Even on Friday morning, I went to the airport, and still checking the weather. Fortunately, it looks a bit better. Thanks God!

Friday, September 25th, 2015

Touched down in Singapore around noon on hazy condition, but most of the flight still fine to be landed in Changi Airport. Since I was worry too much about the haze, I forgot to buy N95 mask in Jakarta. So when I arrived the airport (T1) just straight forward to one of drug store to buy N95 mask. But, they're run out of stock ans suggest me to find at another terminal. So I went to another terminal to find that mask at the same store, and unfortunately it's sold out everywhere! (/--)/ Even I asked the airport officer, how's the weather outside (yes, you can see me very worried about that, hahahha). He said to me not to worry about the haze, it's getting better, and if I didn't wear mask, it'll be fine. So I gave up after 1 hour strolled around the airport just looking for that mask. Hufhh~

Headed to our hotel in Bugis area, without mask, and yea I can feel the different. The thing that I know is Singapore have a clean air, and bright sky. My eyes and throat felt sore. Oh ya, another issue was the day when I arrived at the hotel, I've got my first day. Great!! :'D I don't know why, when I travelling, I prefer praying to having period during holiday. Even though sometimes I found difficulty to take wudhu and praying room, but it's still be better option. Anyway, whatever the condition, travel must go on right?

After checked in, I put my bag and mostly everything heavy at the hotel. Lied down a bit and tried to stroll around Bugis for lunch. First thing first, of course looking for the mask, hahahhaha I went to Bugis Junction, straight to drug store, and finally, found it! I bought 2 packs (I didn't notice that it contains 3 pcs, ahahhaha ah well~). Had late lunch at Nando's, and the weather still hazy when I looked around that area. 

Towards evening, my throat and eyes felt not good, and my stomach was so hurt. Can't walk very well, then I decided to go back to the hotel but still tried to take a lil bit detour.

Slightly hazy afternoon
So this is the end of my journey on the arrival day in Singapore. It's supposed to be fun trip with my husband, but at the end I ended up at hotel room, due to period cramps. :'(

Saturday, September 26th, 2015

Woooohoo.... finally! This is the day, MUSE concert and meet again with my husband. Woke up early morning and be ready to pick up my husband at Changi Airport and for tonight concert. But before that, I managed myself to strolled around again inside Haji Lane street and Kampong Glam. Maybe I was too early, so most of cafe and shop in Haji Lane still closed.

Breakfast/brunch anyone? I'm so hungry since on period (ehm!) Went straight to Kampong Glam area, and had very big brunch at Singapore Zam Zam. Actually they have a big portion on their menu, better you're not go there alone if you don't want to have full stomach. Hahhaha and I chose beef biryani and tea tarik, so big, but I enjoyed the food in here. It was so good!! :9

And continue enjoyed sight seeing around Kampong Glam..

After spent my time quite long in Kampong Glam, I continue walked to Fort Canning Park, sat and enjoyed the greeny scene there. Yes, I walked there, not even using MRT or bus. :D

After 4 hours walking, my legs felt tired, hahahha but I had to go to airport, to pick up my beloved. So, I arrived there a bit earlier, ended up with strolled around in Changi T2. His flights landed around 3pm, waited for so long and nervous (afraid that we couldn't make to the concert). Finally met my partner in crime again, yippieee!!!! He looked very tired, but we're ready to go to Muse concert. \(^o^)/

Still in working attire

to be continued...

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