Birthday Make Over

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How do you usually celebrate your birthday? Maybe for some having celebration, either lunch or special dinner with the beloved one, family or friends. When I was a kid, my parents always prepare the birthday party until my 5th birthday, after that we only had meals together at home (my parents are really good at cooking :D). So I never had a certain ceremony to celebrate it. After married, had a quality time with my husband is more than enough (because somehow I got the gift earlier than the birthday for this year, hehehe).

This year I spent my half day with Make Over Indonesia. Yes, I was joined beauty workshop to celebrate my birthday. :p 

Why am I interesting to join this event? Make Over introduced their latest color of Ultra Hi Matte Lipstick, and they have 3 icon for their campaign. There are Olivia Lazuardy, Sonia Eryka and Andra Alodita. Each icon represents the color of lipstick and suit with their personality. Make Over collaborate with three of them to held beauty workshop. Of course my latest addiction to beauty and make up, made me want to join with this event. At first, I was like unfortunate since it will held on my birthday, but my husband encourage me to go and enjoy my day. Sounds weird? Nope, at least for me and my husband, hehehe.. 

Before we start the workshop, let us had our yummy lunch first from Kanawa Coffee & Munch...

The workshop opened by MC Uchiet and Mutiara as PR of Make Over. As usual, I always love the way her MC-ing, because she’s fun and bring happiness to all of us. The theme for this workshop is “How to start writing on your blog” by Alodita.

After some introduction from the make up artist, at the same time we also started make over ourselves. :D

And here's the result, tadaaaaa..... Not bad enough for newbie right? :p

After done with make up, Alodita shared how to start writing on blog. I always admire how she wrote, share healthy lifestyle and beauty on her blog. She said that on writing just be yourself, start small, challenge yourself and of course, practice makes perfect. Another important point are having keyword on what you're going to write and just write whatever you want to write. I really love her positive attitude. That's why I couldn't agree more when she reminded us to stay optimist, positive and never give up! Ok, after this I promised myself to keep writing, eventhough I'm busy with office life (because somehow this is good way to escape from routine, hehehehhe).

See, not only learned make up but I got something from here! She really made my day and charged me up to write again on my blog. Yuuuhuuu~ thanks Malo! :*

Oh ya, through this event I met my lucky senior again (she always won the giveaway fyi :p), new friends, learning how to write on your blog, and of course, make up time!

Had fun with the games that conducted by Make Over team. We're divided into a group and had to take a picture one of their products, describe it, and post on our Instagram account. Unfortunately my team didn't win this challenge, but we're still happy to do it.

My team, new friends

We closed the workshop with took a lot of pictures, happiness, and felt more beautiful. Thank you Make Over and Alodita! I'm ready to go~



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    1. Iyaaaa.. Aku belum masukin aja nih yg difotoin sama kamuuu :*

  2. This is just amazing birthday makeover. I really loved the details of this party. I also want to organize such cute party for my sister that is going to turn 16 soon. Could anyone here please help by suggesting some Los Angeles event venues for this birthday bash?