JFW 2016

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I was so excited when COTTONINK held the giveaway last month, and the winner got invitation to watch their show in Jakarta Fashion Week 2016. More excitement when I checked my instagram account, and found my name tagged on their photo. Wooohoooooo!! Honestly this is my first time watched their fashion show, live. Well, I was trying to watch them year by year, but still had no chance. I felt so lucky. Yeayyy!!! 

This time they're collaborate with Make Over Indonesia. I can tell you guys, this is one of promising beauty products, and it's local brand! They also promoted their new shades of their products, Ultra Hi Matte Lipstick (all of the colors are gorgeous).

I'm a big fan of COTTONINK since age. As usual, I always love their collection, seems like everything they have are must have items! They always know how to have cool style and look casual yet stylish at the same time. I must say, the creators are genius and all of their items always one step ahead from another brand and be the trend. This year their fashion show is all about monochrome pallet and showed their latest obsession to 70s style.

Here's my favorite pieces...

Besides COTTONINK, I also saw the latest collection from Shop at Velvet and Opi Bachtiar. Shop at Velvet is my another favorite local brand. Their collection is all about simplicity, usually having earthy pallet and romantic shade, but of course very wearable for daily. That's why I love it! 

I would like to say thank you to COTTONINK who gave me the chance to attend the most biggest and busiest event of the year in town. Hopefully can see you again next year! ;)


*Picture courtesy by me, COTTONINK blog and instagram, Make Over ID, Cita Cinta magazine

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