UP Never Let Me DOWN!

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"Give a girl the correct footwear and she can conquer the world." - Bette Midler

Well, I got that quote from my favorite shoes line website, UP. Yeah, I'm gonna talking about UP.
UP is 100% Indonesian, that's why I'm really proud and love that brand so much! Besides that, it would be lovely if we always support our local brand. In my opinion, their quality is good and its price is affordable.

As we already know that UP is the 'child' of Diana Rikasari, one of well-known Indonesian fashion blogger. As UP tagline, "shoes with passion and purpose" she's really made it! Her shoes are super comfortable and affordable. And I found another interesting thing from this brand, for every purchase pairs of UP shoes, indirectly we donate IDR 5,000 for charity. Isn't really great? :)

But UP is not ready stock shoes and just available online, so we have to be patient and waiting for 14 working-days until we can wear those beautiful shoes. But in my experience, it's really worth to wait. Trust me! ;)

UP never disappointed me, UP always give me satisfaction after I received its package. Since I received my first package, I'm so happy! Here's my first UP:


Even though its heels 9 cm, but I never feels its too high. As I always said, it's super comfy! :)
Am I freak about this? Yes I am! hahaha I want collect them all if I can. All of them are really cute! I've already have three pairs of them.

Anya Grey, Stella Black, Anjani Beige

Me and Anjani

So, let's do shop and happy UP-ing! :)

Have a wonderful Sunday all!

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11 lovely comments

  1. awww, UP emang selalu cute ya :) sayang aku belum pernah coba. mungkin kapan2 :D

  2. @ Carol and Michelle: hehehe :D

    @ Dorothy: thank you dear :)

    @ indi: yes they are. Maybe you can try it later ;)

  3. lovely UP collection and collector :)


  4. waw I guess u're a huge fan of UP :)


  5. UP shoes is always gorgeous!

    anyway check mine if you have a chance sweety :)


  6. wow u got a lot of UP shoes ! are u a fan of diana's blog ?:)

    Journal J

  7. aah you look so sweet and cute!

    follow me if you like!


  8. I can't wait for my pandora sailor to arrive too! ;) great post