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Morning universe.... :)

I wanna talk about fashion. Yeah, I'm not an expert but I learn it day by day. Nowadays I'm so in love with Indonesian fashion designers, and also its brand. Well, the reason is since I adore one of famous Indonesian fashion blogger, my eyes getting more open to see the world and also fashion. Yupp! I love Diana Rikasari from Hot Chocolate and Mint. Her blog is so cute and I love the way she post everything on her blog. Her style is very unique, and I always find something interesting in her blog. And that's why I make this blog last year, honestly, I'm totally inspired by her. Thank you! :)

Here are several my favorite her style from here 

Diana Rikasari for Bloop Endorse
I'm already know her blog since mid of 2008, and actually I wanna write this since long time ago, but I just can write it now. :( Maybe too late, but I still want to share it with all of you.

And since last year she owned her shoes line, which is my favourite and I'm totally in love with UP, yepp, its name is UP :)
Now I'm already have 3 pairs of their collections (I'll post about it separated) haahaha.. And I think I'll add my wedges collections from there. Yup, UP speciality is wedges, and they're totally adorable yet affordable, and of course super comfortable! This is the first time I found great shoes online shop-yeah they only available online- because I always afraid to buy shoes via online shop. But trust me, it won't happen with UP.

Ok, that's about my most favourite Indonesian fashion blogger.
Hm maybe it's enough for foreword ;) I'll continue it later.
Yeah, I love fashion and I'm freak about beautiful and comfortable shoes!

Love you, and have a great day! *\(^o^)/*

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3 lovely comments

  1. saya kurang fasih berbahasa inggris.
    tapi yg pasti saya mau bilang kalo blog ini sangat menarik. keep blogging :-)

  2. this girl is one of the reason I do blogging :)

  3. passion yang sungguh menarik, thanks :) Pangan Halal