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Well, talking about fashion again, now I'm more addicted to some fashion blogger, either from Indonesia or another country. Besides Diana Rikasari from Hot Chocolate and Mint, I love Michelle from Glister and Blisters. For sure, they have their own style, and I love both. :)
And now Glisters and Blisters held some cool giveaways. Yaay! I've joined with two giveaways from her.

First, 500k voucher from Cotton Ink. I love their simply collections, and I love this dress so much!

Picture: Courtesy of Cotton Ink

But this giveaway already closed. ;)

Second, I've joined Summer Giveaway by Allura Design. Allura is handmade accessories made by Nasya Marissa. She's super creative, her products are totally beautiful, vintage and so feminine. I'm falling in love with all of her collections.

Picture: Courtesy of Glisters and Blisters

Anyways, you still can join the second giveaway. ;)
For further information, click here.

Good luck! :)

p.s.: hope I can win one of the giveaway :) *cross my finger* :D

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