Freaky Friday

by - 10:53 AM

Almost a week I didn't post anything. Huuhuu... Lil bit hectic with office thingy in this week. But I'm very excited facing this weekend. First, in the end of this month we'll meet Ramadhan (for moslem), yup the most waiting and holy month. Fasting for a month and closed with Iedul Fitri. Aaa~~~ really can't wait!! :)
Second, can't wait to come to Belanja Heboh Cita Cinta at Pasar Festival, Kuningan (click here for more info) and watching the last Harry Potter series!!! Yeahhh eventhough I'm not going to watch it premiere, which is today, but I'm so happy because I'm going to watch it in cinema not dvd! :D
So, let's enjoy this Friday and facing weekend with happy feeling!
Have a great day peps!


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