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When I was in college, I’m not the person who always to put make up on daily basis. Besides I’m not expert with it, I don’t have any budget on make up at that time, lip gloss and compact powder is more than enough. I ever felt that my skin is not good, and I can’t afford to take care my skin very well. But since working, it has been changed gradually. Around last year, I’m having addiction with skin care, and in love again with make-up. My skin type is normal to dry, that’s why I’m quite picky with make-up products. Have a dry skin sometimes is so annoying, but good thing is I never have a big problem with acne. Thanks God! Oh ya, my favorite make up item besides eyebrow and eyeliner, are lipstick and blush on. From matte to glossy, creamy, matte to shimmery/shine blush, because I’d love to try different kind of texture and type. I just feel that when you’re putting favorite lipstick and blush on, it can create fresh look instantly.

Currently I’m in love with Delicate Lipstick and Delicate Blush from ULTIMA II. So I decided to try several shades of lipstick and blush. For the blush itself, they have 2 different kind of blush, Delicate Matte and Shine Blush.

Let’s start with the ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick!

Well actually they have 15 bright and stylish shades. But in here I will only review 4 of them, Apricot, Fuschia, Ruby and Plum.

It comes with simple box and tube in silver, looks elegant. The size is not too big and easy to bring on your make up pouch.

Soft, creamy, and silky smooth. I feel that this delicate lipstick makes my lips moisturized and luxurious at the same time, because the color is very rich and vibrant. 

Because my lips very easy to dry, honestly I like this kind of lipstick, this delicate lipstick not appear as glossy as other lipstick, it looks moisturized. And since it contains vitamin C & E, I think it's pigmented very well and hydrating my lips. Say hello to fresh look!

Delicate Lipstick - Apricot (nude/warm orange-ish)

Delicate Lipstick - Ruby (bright/light red)

Delicate Lipstick - Fuschia (pinkish red)

Delicate Lipstick - Plum (deep purple-ish)

Retail price for this Delicate Lipstick is IDR 90,000. I can say it's affordable with good quality.

Now, let's move to ULTIMA II Delicate Matte & Shine Blush!

They have various beautiful color of Delicate Blush, for Matte Blush they have Hot Pink, Wine, Mauve, Nude, and Pink. While for Shine Blush there are Sahara Rose, Rose Passion, Ruby Dawn, Baked Coral, Sienna, Rose Apricot and Maple Rose. This time I choose 2 colors from each type, Sahara Rose and Baked Coral from Delicate Shine Blush, and I took Hot Pink and Nude from Delicate Matte Blush.

Not much really different with the Delicate Lipstick, it have a round shape with silver color and looks elegant and sleek, typical ULTIMA II products. Somehow it's like a mirror, but in convex version, and there is small brush inside.

This blush have an ultra soft feeling and silky powder texture. In my opinion, the difference between Delicate Matte Blush and Delicate Shine Blush is only on shimmery effect.

From left to right (clockwise): Delicate Shine Blush - Baked Coral, Delicate Blush - Sahara Rose, Delicate Matte Blush - Nude, Delicate Matte Blush - Hot Pink

Using my own blush brush on application

Sometimes my dry skin quite difficult to compromise with this kind of blush, but for Delicate Blush I feel different. This blush is very easy to blend and color is also buildable easily. It gives me radiant look, glowing from within and subtle.

You can get this Delicate Blush Matte & Shine with IDR 140,000.

Before applying Delicate Blush Matte & Shine

Delicate Matte Blush - Nude

Delicate Matte Blush - Hot Pink

Delicate Shine Blush - Sahara Rose

Delicate Shine Blush - Baked Coral

As you can see, maybe Hot Pink and Sahara Rose looks not much different on my face. But if you take a look closer, one is matte and the pink color looks brighter, while another one is looks shimmery in subtle deep pink shades, which is make it slightly different. My skin tone is medium with dry to normal type. As I mentioned previously, I don’t really prefer to use this kind of blush (usually I’m using cream blush instead of powder), but this Delicate Blush applied easily and somehow pigmented on my face. It gives you natural looks with a soft satin finish, and can enhance your cheekbones instantly.

With my skin tone, I really love to put Delicate Matte Blush in Nude and pairing with Delicate Lipstick Apricot for my simple daily look, or change to Fuschia shade to looks brighter and radiant. I think this combo of Delicate Lipstick and Delicate Blush fit with my skin tone, and it's wearable to office as well. For night look or party, you can use Delicate Shine Blush (my personal favorite is Baked Coral) on your cheek and apply Delicate Lipstick in Plum. I think the matte texture more suitable for day look, while Delicate Shine blush will be perfect for night look.

Overall I'm impressed with ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick, and Delicate Matte & Shine Blush products. To check what's new and get an update from them, you can follow their Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and also Youtube account. 

Find your favorite ULTIMA II products at various store such as Matahari Department Store, AEON BSD, METRO Department Store, Centro, Keris Gallery Puri Indah, Citrus, Cahaya Bintaro, Sogo Kota Kasablanka, Sarinah Thamrin, Debenhams Senayan City, Star Summarecon Bekasi. But if you don’t have enough time to shop at the physical store, you can open to get yours. Happy shopping!

That's all from me, hope you enjoy this review and find it useful!


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