REVIEW: Imperial Leather Facial Cleansing Wipes

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Living in busy city like Jakarta, which is full with pollution, and I can say have no fresh air, can make our skin feel tired easily and create a problems. So that's why I'm trying not to forget clean my face from pollution, and make up after office or having other activities outside. But sometimes, we're too tired (or maybe lazy, sometimes) and don’t have enough time to clean our face when we arrive in the office (especially after using public transportation), travelling or before you go to bed. Last week, when I did a grocery, I found interesting product, Imperial Leather Facial Cleansing Wipes. Yes, at first, I thought that Imperial Leather only have a bar soap or body wash. Surprisingly their products range is getting wider, one of them is this facial cleansing wipes.

I never find cleansing wipes for our face, most of the time I bought this kind of wipes only for hand. Because my skin face is very sensitive using this kind of products, if I compared with 2 or 3 step cleanser product or even facial soap, this cleansing wipes very easy to bring and use anywhere. Another good thing are this product has been dermatologically tested, suitable for you who have sensitive skin and it’s alcohol free. Not only cleans the dust and pollution after having outdoor or indoor activities, but also it can clean your make up, including your waterproof mascara and keep your skin moist at the same time. Sounds great? Let's have a look.

They have 3 variants of cleansing wipes:

1. Brightening - for clean and bright skin

Suitable for all skin types, and contains vitamin B3, chamomile and white lily.

2. Oil Balancing - for clean and balanced skin
Suitable for oily skin, and contains seaweed mineral & green tea.

3. Refreshing - for clean and refreshed skin
Suitable for normal/oily skin, contains kiwi & watermelon extract.

I've tried three of them, but my favorite is refreshing one, even though my skin type is normal to dry, but this variant really feels refreshing, didn't irritate my skin, and can remove my waterproof make up (in the following pictures, it can remove my waterproof eyeliner and mascara). It's easy as 1, 2, 3. Yayyy!!

You can find Imperial Leather Facial Cleansing Wipes very easy, it's available at Carrefour, Aeon, Superindo, Sukamart, etc. and the price is affordable, only IDR 19,900,-/pack. Good deal, right? To know more about this product, you can visit their Facebook page, and follow Twitter account to get an update. Hope you'll find this review useful for you.


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