Benefit Traveling for Yourself & Family

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This is the 4th day of Ramadhan, how's your fasting so far btw (for you who are fasting in this holy month)? Wish you have a blessed month ever and still can actively doing your daily activity. What about me? Of course trying not to be lazy and more active this month, hehehe

Before Ramadhan, I got an invitation to attend talk show with Halo Ibu last Sunday in Pondok Indah Mall II. Actually the major topic it's about Summer Travel, this session specifically talking about benefit traveling for yourself and family. How can traveling with family can improve your self love, tips & trick, do & don'ts traveling with your family. As usual, I always amaze to all parents who still can manage traveling with their family, especially with kids. Maybe the topic sounds too early for me, since the baby still on the way, but hopefully this sharing session can be useful for moms out there (and myself in the future).

So, the speaker, Ashtra from Halo Ibu share her traveling experience with family, with her daughter. I knew that she really loves travelling since she was single, blend with local culture, lost in her travel destination, and other fun thing that you can do while you're single. Everything seems totally different when you're travelling with kids. I think it's quite difficult for go show (for long trip or destination).

But, she said that there are some benefit from traveling with family:
1. Bonding - with your kids and husband. More quality time with your loved one, can tighter your bonding with them.
2. Flexibility - makes you, kids, and your family more flexible to whatever you need. Because when you're travelling, you need to go out from your comfot zone, stay out for a while from home, or need to move from one to another place.
3. Happier! :)

And I think, another benegit fron traveling with family is makes you more love yourself. But of course, traveling with family needs tips & trick to make the trip enjoyable for everyone.

  • Choose travel time when your kids is in sleeping cycle.
  • Bring enough stuff, not too much or heavy.
  • Check the weather of travel destination.
  • Bring small bag to put your kids favorite toys, to make them calm during the trip.

Do's & Don'ts
  • Find a place which is child/kids friendly
  • Have one day for your kids to be her/himself, go to open space for 1-2 hours, anywhere.
  • Don't give your kids (under 2 y.o) to watch video, or any gadget just to make them calm, or not freaking out during the trip, let them play with their creativity, such as books, play-doh, etc..

Asthra said that make this activity routine for your family. Because travelling it's not about going somewhere far away from your home, close (within city) destination doesn't matter. As long as you're happy and your kids can learn something, that's good.

Hmm, sound interesting yet challenging for me, but I really look forward to travel with my family. I think that's it. Last but not least, she reminds all of mom (parents), don't stop to explore/travel!

See you in the next post! :)


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