National Blogger Day

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Holla! Since today is blogger day, this post especially dedicated for my favorite bloggers! So this time I want to share who they are (well, I'm so sorry because most of them are fashion bloggers ;p)

First is Diana Rikasari, she's the owner of Hot Chocolate and Mint and also my favorite shoes brand, UP! Honestly because of her I have interest to blog world and then started my blog, and I love her unique style. She's so adorable *even though I haven't met her yet :)
Through her blog I found a lot of useful info and interesting things, and from there I just realized that there are so many local brands that have a good quality! Also I found another inspiring blogger, not only Indonesian but also from all over the world! Thank you so much for your inspiration and keep inspiring kak Di! :*

Picture: Courtesy of Hot Chocolate and Mint

Second is Dian Pelangi from The Merchant Daughters, and I found her blog from kak Diana's blog. She's a moslem fashion blogger, designer of Dian Pelangi clothing line, and also one of Hijabers Community committee. Even she's younger than me but she's very talented! Fufufu I love the way she dress up, so stylish yet syar'i.

Picture: Courtesy of The Merchant Daughter

Third is Suci Utami, who owned Last Minute Girl and Such! (my another favorite local brand). I love the way she posted useful tips related with hijab. Love the way she wears hijab, and also her hijab+make up tutorial. Very nice! I've tried her hijab style, it's quite easy and comfy (of course with her products! Hihi) thank you for your inspiration dear Suci! :*

Picture: Courtesy of Last Minute Girl

Michelle Koesnaedi from Glisters and Blisters is another one blogger that I adore. She's super stylish and lovable. I love her effortlessly beautiful style. For me she always looks so fabulous with everything that she wore! Besides that, in my opinion she's good photographer! Her photos blog always looks very good! Composition, concept, everything!

Picture: Courtesy of Glisters and Blisters

Classy beautiful and vintage is for Clara Devi from Luce-Dale (previous name known as Sunflare Plethora). Pretty! That's her. I fell in love with her vintage and simply beautiful style. Always looks so sweet in every post that she made (and again, I know her blog from kak Diana's blog). Love her vintage style so much!

Picture: Courtesy of Lucedale

Well, that's my some favorite bloggers. But actually I love so many Indonesian bloggers! :* not only them, but also I love Caroline Robianto from, Afternoon Tea and Living Room by Bethanny Putri and she's de.cada.dia's owner, last but not least, the most super cool Evita Nuh who created The créme de La Crop and clothing line Little Nuh, the most youngest influential fashion blogger. As we know, she's still 12 y.o. and has a big passion in fashion and photography. That's really great!

Picture: Courtesy of CarolCoraline

Picture: Courtesy of Afternoon Tea and Living Room

Picture: Courtesy of The Creme de la Crop

Besides fashion, I always excited when talking about traveling. Trinity from The Naked Traveler is one of my most favorite travel blogger. I have her The Naked Traveler 1-3! She makes me drooling everytime I read her books!! Aarghhh crazy about traveling around the world and of course Indonesia, like her.

Picture: Courtesy of The Naked Traveler

Yeahh, that's my favorite bloggers! Happy Bloggers Day to all of Indonesian bloggers! Keep blogging and keep inspiring!


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  1. yes i love reading their blog too, dear :) they are so inspiring. and your blog is one of inspiring blog i've read :) im following you now :)
    ps: sorry for my terrible grammar



  3. i love their blog too! they style really is inspiring. currentlu my fav are diana & caroline. :)