Cupcakes Year

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Finally today is coming! Yess, it's my birthday! So excited but lil' bit worry, because I'm getting older, hihihi ;p hope this year I can be more wiser and the most important one is found my real passion at work. But so far I'm so thankful to my Allah with my current condition. I have a good place to work, surrounding by good people, good friends, my boyfriend, family and of course my parents! :* Alhamdulillah...... :)

This year I received a very nice surprise from my boyfriend, yupp! He sent me cupcakes -with my full name on it- to the office! It a sweet thing that I've got when I'm almost crazy with many kind of office thingy! Haahaha... And also he gave me special voucher, I can buy anything that I want with that voucher. Yaay!! Thank you hon... :')

Next month, I'm going to watch my favorite Korean band, CN BLUE! Can't hardly to wait!! Honestly I really want to upgrade my ticket, but I still think about it, anyone? hihihi..
For me, that's my belated birthday gift.

Well, today was AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for all of birthday wishes.... :')

Good nite! :*


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3 lovely comments

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  2. happy birthday :)

  3. Happy birthday dear, wishing all the best for you :)