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Last weekend was awesome as usual. At office, my leave request haven't activated yet. So every weekend I just spent the free-work-days at Jakarta with my boyfriend and sometimes my brother. Well last week (Tuesday) was my birthday and in weekend I celebrated it with my boyfriend. Just had a good lunch together and lot of things to talk with. We chose Mad for Garlic.

Yupp that restaurant served Italian menu made from garlic! All of them! If you like garlic, you'll gonna love this place but if not, you'll gonna like it too! Hahhaha This is Korean franchise restaurant. Actually I don't know why this kind of restaurant come from Korea. Kkk But I love their Pizza! Even I didn't realize I ate a lot of garlic in it! Hihihi but in my opinion, it's sooooo delicious! If I could order more at that time, I would do it! But unfortunately their pasta also made me full! :))

Last slice of Garlic Snowing Pizza. Super yummy! :9

Garlicpeno Pasta

Peach Tea - my favorite :)

Since I don't have much free time after office, that kind of weekend is enough to regain my spirit for next workdays, and sadly I can't blog anytime. But I'll try to keep update my blog, since this media is my sweet escape from my daily job! hahaha

Top, Cardigan - Unbranded, Wide Pants - My Fashionista; Shoes - UP


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