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"Big girls need big diamonds" - Elizabeth Taylor

What comes to your mind when you're thinking about diamond or finding perfect jewelry? Have you ever tried to buy jewelry online? I think most of us will go straight to jewelry store, choose and try the right size directly, instead of buying those online. But since 2004 ORORI is a pioneer and the only one online jewelry store in Indonesia. They offer time efficiency on buying jewelry, yet secure transaction.

ORORI itself comes from "Oro" it means gold in Italian and "Ri" which is acronym of ring. In here, you can find the finest gold and diamond jewelries from wedding ring, necklace, pendant, bracelet, earrings, polishing mitts and even they have ANTAM and PAMP gold bar. You can also calculate your budget first before find your desired jewelry. They also provide important information such as finger and diamond size guide, also diamond education for the customer. Another amazing thing about this online store is you can design your own jewelry. How awesome is that!

Earlier last month I've got a chance to visit their office. Honestly, I'm not jewelry person, but I couldn't resist when I saw their beautiful collection with my own eyes. I don't know much about diamond, but I love the precision of their diamond cut, it's gorgeous, just like this diamond rings and necklace pendant.

Let's shop at ORORI and find the jewelry that fits with your personality. Happy hunting and thank you ORORI!


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