Laneige K-Beauty Week

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It's December already, and time flies really fast. Ah well, I'm still here, quite busy with office stuff but still trying to manage my work life balance through joining several events, specifically beauty events. :p

Last month, me and my friend went to Laneige beauty talk show and workshop with Alodita and Sasyachi. She's interested to join because both of us are Alo's fan and I also curious to try new beauty product. Plus, this one is Korean brand, which is makes me feel more excited. Actually I already knew Laneige since I lived in Korea, but has no chance to but because it's soooooo expensive at that time (yea, student have no extra money to shop, hahhaha).

If you ask me, why I always come to the event with Alodita as a guest/speaker? Yes I'm a big fan of her, never bored to meet, talk and listen to her beautiful insight. Besides having good skin care routine, healthy lifestyle can also boost your beauty. So, from her, I can really see that beauty not only come from outside, but also from inside.

Another beauty enthusiast speaker in this event was Sasyachi. As we know, she have Korean loooks and cute as always. She taught us how to create Korean dewy look using Laneige product. 

Here's the step by step using Laneige products. For me who have dry skin, this product was so good! It makes my skin very moist and feel supple (I'm eyeing to buy their water sleeping mask).

1. Lip & Eye Remover
2. Oil Free Cleansing Liquid
3. Power Essential Skin Refiner
4. Balancing Emulsion
5. Water Bank Essrnce_EX
6. Water Bank Gel Cream_EX

After that put BB Cushion (you just need dab it sufficiently), then continue with eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow kit, lipstick and done! 

My suggestion is when you're planning to attend beauty class, better not using make up beforehand. So you don't need to waste your time to clean up your make up. But still, you need to clean up a bit before putting any make up on your face. 

Oh ya during make up session, I was excited when my eyebrow drew by Sasya. But unfortunately she only did one side, so I had to do another side (but later I got help from Alo btw, hehehe). Fyuhh, tough job! Hahahhaha :')

And tadaaaaa... Closer make up result (btw, pardon my pimple on forehead :p).

Last but not least, let's take a group photo! \(^o^)/

Ok, another interesting and happy part is what's inside the goodie bag. Wooohooo~ Here we go..

1. Pure Radiant Blush
2. Snow Chrystal Sheer Lipgloss
3. Lip Dual Pot (no. 4 Glow Pink)
4. Multi Cleanser
5. Dual brush
6. Laneige tote bag

That's it. Hopefully you guys can enjoy it and thank you to Laneige, Alodita and Sasyachi for this fun session. See you again! ;)


*pictures courtesy by me, @widianiputri, @laneigeid

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