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Are you curious of what happened in Sociolla Summer Soirée? Alright, now I'm gonna share my experience attended the hottest soirée in town. Ok, Summer (Birthday) Soirée with AloditaxSociolla held on early October. Actually Sociolla held this Soirée for Alodita and her friends to celebrate her birthday. But luckily, they made a competition for Sociolla and Alodita's followers to get a chance join with this soirée. Yeay! I was so excited when I found how to join this soirée. I didn't think twice to join the competition, since I'm a big fan of Alodita, so I don't wanna miss the chance.

And, tadaaaaaaa.... I'm one of the winner of the competition! Yuuuhuuuu~ To be honest, I'm not typical person who always lucky to win something like quiz, competition or else. But this one, feels like jackpot before my day (I was born in October as well ;p). I felt so lucky and happy to be the part of this special soiree. First it’s because of Alodita’s birthday, second I can meet most of my favorite beauty enthusiast that I usually follow on Instagram. *happy feet dance* While Sociolla itself, like I ever shared on my previous post, it’s one of online shopping destination to get your favorite beauty products. Through this soirée we can share everything about beauty products and met new friends.

Ah well, I think I don't need to write too much for this post, as Uchiet said on that happy day, we could take hundred or even thousand photos, hahhaha, then enjoy delish food, yummy desserts and of course, chit chat with other beauty enthusiasts. Enjoy!

Birthday lady

Carrot cake by Classic Comfort

Had a good lunch from Wyl's Kitchen :D

Another pictures and happiness...

All time favorite, Clara Devi

Happiness all around us

I just realized that this is my first time attended birthday party and going home with a lot of gifts. Yes, everyone who came to this soirée can bring the pink bag and all of the beauty products on the table. Wohooooo~ And I think I'm gonna share what's inside the goodie bag on different post. Oh ya, and I'm sorry for flooding this post with so many pictures, but everything there was so incredibly beautiful. Summer decoration from Good Mood Party Stylist and flower arrangement by Artiste Floral made me took pictures as much as I could, but unfortunately no camera with me, so I only take all those pictures using my phone. Hopefully you can enjoy the pictures and feel the happiness through it. Last but not least, thank you so much Sociolla and Alodita for giving me this opportunity! 

Good night!


*Pictures courtesy by me, Sociolla, Uchiet, Lizzie Parra (on collage)

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