MUSE in Singapore

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"Love is our resistance
They'll keep us apart and they won't stop breaking us down
Hold me
Our lips must always be sealed"

Muse - Resistance


I'm back and pardon myself, when I’m writing on this, I still can’t move on from last gig (yeaa, almost 2 weeks, sorry). It sounds late, but who cares? I just wanna share my experience when I was there. It’s a MUSE baby!!! The most favorite band ever since I was in high school and no 1 band that my husband worship in his life (he said that, hahahaha). Us, we’re in love with this band. But for me, I just got a chance to watch them this year, even when they held a concert in Indonesia 2007 I couldn’t make it for some reason. But this year, finally one of my dreams come true, watching MUSE plus with my husband. Wooohoo!!!!

The tour announcement was on June (if I'm not mistaken), but we felt a bit disappointed because we didn’t find Indonesia on their tour date list. So we decided to go to closest country to watch them, it’s Singapore. My husband bought the ticket directly when pre-sale, and we chose standing area. Super excited! This is my first rock concert to be attend, at that time husband remind me to be careful and tough. But since he’s with me, why should I worry huh? ;)

After waiting for almost 3 months after got the ticket, finally, September 26th, 2015 we're there. On that day, we arrived at the venue around 6 PM (I’ll tell you why in the separate post). We saw the very long queue through 2 doors (for standing area). Based on the schedule, the gate will be opened at 7 PM, so we still have an hour to stay outside the stadium. But, the fact is we entered inside the stadium almost 8 PM! We ran (yea, ran) and trying to get closer position on the Matt Bellamy side (left one). The result was not really too close, since we’re late to queue, but it’s ok we’re not the last person who entered the venue, hahaha.

The show delayed more than an hour. Even before MUSE, we have to watch the opening band first, The Ruse (honestly, I have no idea who are they, sorry ☹). Both of us felt tired (unfortunately I'm on my second day of period), but his jet lag face still show the excitement, we did (yea of course)!!

The gig opened by Psycho, and everybody went crazy!! Continued with Reapers, from the same album, Drones, and back to old but good song, Plug In Baby. But I don't know why, when Matt Bellamy sang Resistence, my eyes felt warm and cried right away. I saw his face with his guitar between taller guys around me, it felt unreal and magical. Sounds drama huh? For some people, maybe yea. Hahaha but it's really happened. He's too awesome! (*^3^)/~☆

Since my height is not too tall, I always tried to jump higher and higher to see them especially Matt on every single, hehehehe. We heard another familiar song from The 2nd Law, Unsustainable, back to Drones, Dead Inside, and of course Hysteria from Absolution. Everyone just getting crazier. After that, my husband screamed and heard that's Citizen Erased, he said that this song is very rare to be played in every gig.

After screaming and jumping, the pace a bit slower when Matt sang Feeling Good. Matt take a break for a moment, while D&B Solo by Dom and Chris played, it's great jam by the way.

I sang crazily when Madness, Supermassive Black Hole, and Time Is Running Out played. Well, maybe it's because I have my own stories behind those songs. When Starlight and Uprising there were black giant baloon with confetti in it. Wow it's magical!!

Another confetti filled the stadium while they're playing Mercy. Dramatic! And that night gig closed by Knights of Cydonia. Epic! At that time it feels like a dream. Just don't want this gig come to an end, but unfortunately, had to. About 2 hours, I sang, jumped, screamed, and cried, it was amazing!!!! :'D

Oya, in every concert that I’ve watched, I never take a lot of pictures (so you won't find a lot of picture of Muse, moreover in high quality, sorry, hehehe).  I always try to enjoy every single moment and record it on my mind. Since we’re not in Indonesia, I’m not really that high to take a good picture at that time. Here are several photos taken by me and husband using our phone. But not for long time, only several songs in the first half an hour, the rest? Off course, we enjoyed the gig.

Too much Matt Bellamy? Yes, I had a crush on him since the first time I knew this band. Hopefully, someday I can watch them again and of course, meet them (yes, I mean him, hahhaha) in the backstage (since I didn't do it when I was there).

So, that's it. I just wanna share my experience, happiness and record this through my blog. Finally I can watch them live. Overall, I enjoyed this gig a lot, awesome performance and I love them more!! Thank you husband, and MUSE. See you again in Jakarta (next year, maybe?)!!! \(^-^)/


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