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It’s been a while after my last run, either at home or office. Plus this month is special month for us, as a moslem, Ramadhan, so maybe I'm not gonna run temporarily. At first I don’t really like run, simply because I’m not sporty person, I get tired easily and it’s quite boring exercise for me. I realized that I love exercise with music, not only listening but also dancing, like Zumba, or belly dance. Well, maybe I’m not really good at it but I love the time when I can burn my calories while I’m having fun with dancing. Well, I prefer to dance than run to be honest. :p
And why am I run into running right now? It’s because of my office found running club, at first I’m doing it for fun and trial. Can I run? Am I good to run that far? What if I’m faint in the middle of running? I’m afraid that I will always be the last person in group. Since the leader is king of run in my office, hahahaha :p But anyway, since then our office make an engagement program for employee, and running club is one of the club that we have in here. We call it work life balance. ;)

Ladies runner

Still, the ladies

The Nest runner

Why running? For me it’s the cheapest and easiest exercise that you can do (while Zumba or belly dance have to join the class at gym ;p). Recently a lot of company, brand or bank organize run competition (even our company always support Jakarta International 10K), from fun run, 5K, 10K, marathon or maybe ultra-marathon. Wow! For me, 10K is more than enough for right now, hahahhahaha
To support this activity, we need comfortable outfit, and of course the right shoes. Yes, shoes! Please take a note, choose the running shoes when you're going to run, not ordinary one, because every shoe has its own function, and the right shoes will avoid injury during exercise. And now, I’m eyeing for new running shoes (even though I’m not running as much as before, hehehe), and found the nice shoes from Zalora Indonesia.
New Balance Women's 574 Classics Running Shoes

Why Zalora? Zalora itself known as the biggest fashion online retailer that sells apparel, accessories, shoes, and beauty products for women and men. One of their local sites, Zalora Indonesia sells both local and international brands. They have million products and hundred brands. So you can find various item with good price and promotion there.
I love these candy colors, and it'll add my spirit to run further and faster (emm.. Ok, maybe later :p), plus, Zalora give the special price for this shoes. Double yayness! \(^o^)/

So if you're looking for new shoes, especially keds or sport shoes, you can shop directly at Zalora, and find your treasures there! ;D

Happy shopping and have a great day! ;)



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