Amazing First Year

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Hello June,

Time flies so fast, and last Sunday our marriage turned into 1 year. Alhamdulillah~ it's amazing journey for both of us. So many things to learn. How we can understand to each other after wedding, how to manage households, etc etc..
I still can remember how we prepared our wedding. Both of us was quite busy with office stuff, even when it's getting closer to the big day. But all those thing doesn't matter right now. The most important thing is how we can build our future together, and getting better for each other.

Feel so blessed to have him in my life. Eventough we have faced up and downs during the process until this time (I guess it's a normal thing, hehehe) but we always try our best for this marriage, and since he always taught me a lot of things, I never tired to learn day by day with him.

He's the one that I've dreamed for long time (you can read his version on his blog,). It feels magical when we're finally getting married. It's a dream come true. All of difficulties that we had before seems like never happened. Because we're ready to move forward, face the new chapter and be happy.

Since he's very simple person, we spent our first year with simple lunch and closed by watching his favorite band. Pretty simple.

Happiness it's not about getting what we want, it's about apreciating what we have. He always remind me to be grateful of what we have right now. So we don't need to be jealous of what others people have.
So I hope next year we'll be better, always together ever after.

I love you more and more, dearest husband! :*


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