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Hello Monday!

Feel great to start the week with happy feeling and excitement. Well, recently I keep posting some photos about #craftyweekend or #artsyweekend on my IG feed. Actually it's like something that I really want to do it since a long time ago, but I just had a chance these days. In short, I found a lot of interesting IG feed that help me to fulfill my hobby on crafty or art class.

This time, I found this interesting class from Mau Belajar Apa IG. It's calligraphy workshop with Ms. Chia from C for Calligraphy! I've been eyeing to join her class, but never get the seat or simply, I missed the information. And finally, I got the long-awaited class for last Saturday! Wooohoooo~

At first I'm just curious, how people can write a word, sentence, poem or anything beautifully. Basically I love to write something for decoration or maybe just filled the birthday, farewell, or even new born baby card. But it just ordinary one, there's no special utensil, only colored pen (just to make it beautiful). This one is totally different, I'm using nibs for the first time! :'D

IG @cforcalligraphy

This 3 hours class was amazing, I always excited to learn new things. The class was held in Cacaoté, French Patisserie in Senopati area. Which is one of beautiful restaurant in Jakarta. Through this class I have a chance to meet Ms. Chia in person (she's so effortlessly beautiful and very kind), and also new friends from different background, which is make it more interesting.

At first, we had light wrist exercise, since most of participants are beginner. After that, Ms. Chia explained basic knowledge about calligraphy, gave us basic strokes, and the most excited part was practice to write using nibs and ink. This one trained me to be more patient, write slowly and not make a mess on the table! :p

Light breakfast from Cacaoté

Another mission accomplished! Thank you so much to Ms. Chia and Vini from Mau Belajar Apa for giving me a chance to join this class.

See you again in the next event! :D


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