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Finally... After a year, adapting as a husband and wife, moving, do this and that, we can travel again. Well it's short getaway, but anyway, we still can have fun and away from our routine for a while. We took a leave and got a bonus from Easter holiday. So, we decided to go to Bandung, I know it's too mainstream for having vacation, but we don't really care, it's quite close from Jakarta and we can drive by ourselves, besides I miss Bandung so much!

Since this is long weekend, we've predicted the traffic, we know it will be bad (but that's not really bad after all, but the weather yes) and almost all of hotel has been fully booked (indeed). But we're kinda lucky, for the first day, we stayed at the cutest bed & breakfast, called Cottonwood. I've been eyeing this place since months ago, but never got a chance to stay in this place until this week. Funny thing is my husband thought that this place have a relation with my favorite local brand, Cotton Ink (since I'm quite freak with this brand) :p

Let's take a look around....

Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast House's entrance

It's located near Pasteur area, behind Maranatha University. We arrived in the late afternoon, after the rain, so the weather is gloomy and cold. From the outside, the house it's not really that big, but I love the architecture and its design. We found green entrance, and small garden in front of their front desk, also small backyard. It's amazing, they have a lot of rosemary, mints, and Hydrangea flower at front garden. Which is I love it so much!

Based on their website, every room has a different theme, and we've got Cranberry room (Swedish design). The room is clean & sophisticated, but the bathroom is quite small (especially for my husband, hehehe). The facilities it's not bad for bed & breakfast house, the wi-fi is good, hot water shower and TV cable.

They have a nice cafe in first floor, and we had a breakfast there in the next early morning. It feels so comfortable & homey, besides a lot of cute thing inside the cafe. ;D

Overall, we're satisfied to stay at this house, even though we've only got one night. Maybe we should come back here sometimes when we're going to visit Bandung again.

If you're interested to stay at this hotel, here's the detail:

Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast House
Jl. Mustang B2/1A (Kompleks Kumala Garden)
Bandung, Indonesia 40164
Phone +6285-1011-91234
Twitter: @cottonwoodbnb
Instagram: @cottonwoodbnb

Wish you have a wonderful long weekend and Happy Easter for those who celebrate it! :D


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