Ho Chi Minh City: Short Getaway (Part 2)

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Holla! It's been a long time since I wrote my post in this blog. Apologize. :) Due to my current work load, I couldn't manage my time to post on my blog. So this time I still want to continue my traveling story to Ho Chi Minh, even though quite late. Yeah, I went there on January, you can read my part one post in here.
Hmm... I think I'm gonna post several photos to continue my trip story. I'm sorry if this post will be longer than others. :P

Still continue our 1st day in Uncle Ho country, here we go.....

After we went to Cathedral Notre-Dame, we moved to the opposite side, which was a Central Post Office. It's quite big, and you can find a wide range of souvenir shop.

Front building

Inside the post office

Souvenir shop alley inside the post office

Then continue to Independence Palace and War Remnants Museum. Actually we didn't enter the palace, but we bought tickets for War Remnants Museum, it's interesting to learn history about Vietnam, but I think I couldn't explain well in this blog, and I'm afraid to post what I saw inside that building. Too many pictures that makes me really sad, and almost cry. :'( So I just can show its front building.

Independence Palace
War Remnants Museum

2nd Day - Mekong Delta Tour
Mekong Delta River - Coconut candy workshop - strolling around at District 1

Well, for the second and last day, due to new year holiday and so many shopping center closed (except mall), we decided to join with any available tour which provided by some travel agents. Fortunately our hotel helped us to book the ticket and made a reservation for us. So we went to Mekong Delta River tour, and joined coconut candy workshop. It's already included on our tour expenses. This tour will take almost a day.

Me and my friends waiting the tour guide

Our tour guide

She's trying to get honey!

Weird (well.. afraid) face!

On that day, that was my first time trying to get honey straight from a honeycomb! At the first time I was afraid, but trust me the taste was really good!!! :9

Then we took a boat to the workshop. Yes, coconut candy workshop. Ben Tre is very well known  district for coconut candy. In that place, we can see how they produce coconut candy from fresh coconut, packing, then ready for sale.

Group photo at the boat! :p

Still using old machine

Another tour participants

Coconut candy!

Ready for sale

Eden, new friend from UK

End of tour

We had some fun during Mekong Delta River tour, and we also met new friend from UK. She's a nurse but she loves traveling a lot. Hope we can meet again someday. :)

After our travel guide ended the tour around afternoon, we had a dinner at Halal Saigon, and then continue walked around the city, District 1 for more specific. On that night, they had New Year festival, and it was very crowded around City Hall.

Halal Saigon

Laksa for my dinner

Beautiful downtown at night

Yellow Chrysanths are everywhere!

Opera House

City Hall at night

3rd Day - Cu Chi Tunnels
Cu Chi Tunnels tour - airport, back to Jakarta

Yes, this is our last day in Ho Chi Minh City. Again, we decided to join with local tour, since we have to go to the airport in the afternoon, we chose Cu Chi Tunnel tour, hotel officer said it only takes half day. So it would be fine for us.

Cu Chi  tunnels is connecting underground tunnel in Cu Chi District. This tunnels used during Vietnam war. They use this tunnel for many purposes, such as hiding spot, communication, supply routes of food, weapon and even hospital. Based on our tour guide explanation, that tunnel was very great. To be honest, I was amazed by Vietnamese people in those days, I'm sure it's very hard time but they can survive. 

The most interesting part was we've trying to enter the tunnel system. But I couldn't take any single of picture inside there. It was so dark, damp and musty. Even I felt that it's hard to breath. So, we gave up when we saw the first tunnel to go out. Fyuuu~~ it was amazing yet stressful. I couldn't imagine how they can survive on war period inside that tunnel.

Admission sign sticker

He's a good tour guide

One of the tunnel

Look at that small tunnel!

And here we go..... our volunteer! :D

The fighting bunker, and Cu Chi Tunnel officer, and yeah.. I entered it!

Well, that's the end of our short getaway. We had some fun and got so many experiences.
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy it! 

See you in the next post! ^^


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