Family Trip: Yogyakarta

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Dear all,

How's your fasting? and how's your weekend?
Hope you're doing well.

And yes, this is another post-traveling photo posting. :D

On last February, me and family went to Yogyakarta, we spent our weekend there. Since I'm not living with my parents, because I have to live in Jakarta for working, so every family trip always precious for me.

Borobudur Temple and Malioboro always on our list when we're visited Yogyakarta. Enjoy~~

Borobudur Temple

Yes, Borobudur is in UNESCO World Heritage list

Family portrait

Always love to pose! :p

My lovely brother (geez! I'm so short!) :))

My beloved parents :*

The best mom!

Amazing creation

The most famous food, Gudeg

Another pose :p

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

See you~~


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