#ThrowbackThursday: Grateful

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Hello 2017!

OK, this is my fist post in 2017. Before going back to work, let me summarize what I've been doing in 2016. Well, 2016 has been amazing like roller coaster for me, and us. More or less it's quite reflected on my best nine version by Instagram.

Yes, the highlight of my 2016 it's all about my pregnancy and our son, Enzo. Alhamdulillah, thanks God, my pregnancy was good, still can go to work, do some sports and other activities as usual. But, the big thing is of course Enzo, our sweetheart who changes our life, especially myself. Adding another role in my life as a mother is a gift and make me feel so blessed. Having 6 months maternity leaves (thanks to the company!) is another blessing. Sometimes, make me realize that I cannot stay at home for long time, hahahah.. Actually I don't mind to bring my baby anywhere I go, but now I need to pay more attention to the place, what kind of event and etc. It's also depends on his condition as well. It sounds wonderful, yet super challenging at the same time. I know it's not an easy task, will never get easier, but we'll do our best for him. He made his parents birthday was so special. Thank you so much our dearest Enzo! We love you!!

Fashion, make up (lipstick esp, as you can see on the pic :p) still be my favorite stuff. It's kind of my mood booster during the maternity leave. Don't have much time to go out, but still put some make up at home. Just to cheer up my day, and it works. For me, it's the year of matte lipstick and local brand products. Hail to BLP and Rollover Reaction!

Last year, I've got a chance to meet my inspirations. First one, Diana Rikasari. So happy and honored being invited to celebrate anniversary of my favorite shoe brand, UP (you can see the story in here). Being her fan since long time ago, and she's the one who inspired me to create a blog. When she created the most comfortable wedges I ever had, I adore her more. Since then, I'm proud to be their customer. I don't know how many pairs that I've got from UP, hehehe I love them all. So, thank you Diana!

As you already know, I'm a fan of Andra Alodita, she's another inspiration. Adore her work since she's being photographer until now as an influencer in many things, from beauty to healthy life. At first, I'm just a silent reader of her blog and Instagram follower. Luckily, I won a giveaway from her, and also get a special note book later on. She's so humble and lovable. Invited to her home for the first time right before I gave delivery (true story!). Got a chance to meet her again on special event with other loyal readers and her blogger friends (check it out the story here). Continue with more chit chat and another invitation to her home with my new friends, Susy and Wina. Such a blessing and always feel the positive vibe when you have them around. Thank you Malo!

I feel so blessed for everything that I had and happened last year (those roller coaster feeling, being parents, taking care the baby, etc). Thank you for the journey & good bye 2016!

I think that's it for #throwbackThursday this time. See you in next post! :D


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