BLP Caramel Champagne

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"Be sweet like Caramel and bubbly like Champagne"

The description really suits for new shade from BLP, Caramel Champagne. In case you haven't heard about this brand, it's local product, created by one of my favorite make up artist, Lizzie Parra. Yes, BLP is By Lizzie Parra. Actually this is not my first BLP, but the first time to review in here. Before this shade is coming, they already have 8 wearable shades. Caramel Champagne comes to celebrate holiday season. 

This limited edition shade comes with pretty pink metallic box, and matte frosted tube inside like other shades. Simple and easy to bring it anywhere. Quite different with the other shades, this time BLP created metallic lip coat. Sociolla said that this is the first local metallic lip coat. Oww, congrats BLP! :*

Honestly I'm a fan of matte lipstick, but not metallic one. At first I never thought that metallic lipstick will work on me, but this one got my curiosity. Before it runs out of stock soon, without any hesitation I just bought it on the first day they launched exclusively online on SociollaWhen the package arrived, I tried it directly, and it turns out really good. Yeayy!

One thing that I really love from this lip coat is matte finished but the formula doesn't make your lips dry. So that's why BLP lip coat shades are transferable. But I think Caramel Champagne is a bit different, it dry faster and less transferable than other shades. Which is very nice. Eventhough has metallic hint, surprisingly this shade is very wearable, even for daily look. It makes you stand out but not too much, because the metallic effect looks just right. I love it so much!

Curious with this shade? Let see, here's the swatch on me..

Looks festive and warm at the same time. Somehow it looks like Burnt Cinnamon on my lips, but with hint of gold. As usual, BLP lipstick quite long last, after had lunch the lipstick still there, faded a bit but still pretty. You can retouch it if needed. I can say this is another must have shade from BLP. 

  • Beautiful color
  • Pigmented
  • Creamy texture
  • Dry faster & less transferable
  • Wearable metallic matte finished
  • Vanilla scent
  • Thin and easy applicator
  • Long last enough

  • None (really? yeaa.. ;D)

But unfortunately it's already sold out for now. You can try notify me feature on Sociolla web, so you won't be late to catch up this pretty lip coat when back in stock. For sure, I'm gonna buy it again if it's restock, hahahha..

Hopefully you'll find this review useful. Happy holiday, don't forget to sparkle and cheer up!! ;)


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6 lovely comments

  1. wow, punya kak lizzie parra yaa...
    cantik ya kak, lipstiknya
    kak fetty juga cantik, salam kenal

    1. Iya punyanya Ichil. Cantik2 banget warnanya, dan nyaman juga di bibir.

      Terimakasih manis, salam kenal juga, Ocha. :)

  2. Waah bagus banget warnanya! Harus masuk things to buy nih haha. Makasih ya reviewnya, sukaa

  3. Aaaa gemes bgt sih BLP. Must have yg selama ini blm punya


  4. benar banget ya, warnanya cantik banget apalagi produk ini enak banget di bibir bikin nyaman.. :)