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Ok, before November comes to an end, I'd love to share this to all of you. ;)

It's been a year attending an event with my favorite influencer as a guest or host, Andra Alodita. Last month I've got a message from her, Malo told me that she'll become the host an event and invited me. Whoaaa.. surprise and so happy! But still waiting for the exact date. No problem. 
But at the same time, I'm still hesitate to go out, attending an event with the baby (because we don't have nanny or mbak, so I always bring my baby whenever I go, hehehe). Then I asked her whether it's ok or not if I bring the baby. She said ok. Aww... thank you! :D

Malo informed me that the event will be held on 5 November 2016. On that day, actually I had a wedding invitation in the morning, so I asked my husband permission to join this event and he's ok with it. I've just received the invitation one day before. Because there was a demonstration on Friday, and it's end up with a little bit chaos at several places. I think they're also afraid that the situation still not safe to go out. Fortunately the situation was ok on Saturday. Fyuuhh...

Anyway.. It's an intimate gathering, Andra Alodita's Brunch Soiree with Nuxe. Malo only invited her close friends and loyal reader (I'm a lucky reader ;D). Yaaayyy! So excited!! Besides this is my first event after delivery, I also miss her a lot! (Last time I met her when I was pregnant, right before I gave a birth :p). As you may know I really adore her since long time ago, when she's a photographer, until now as an influencer through her lifestyle blog. 

The one and only, Andra Alodita
This Brunch Soiree was held in Gastromaquia, one of restaurant in Senopati area. As usual, I came to this place earlier than others. Fortunately this place really close with the wedding reception venue. Arrived at the restaurant with my baby and received warm welcome from Malo herself. The place has been decorated beautifully with purple and white nuance by Versarabelle. So pretty. While we're waiting for all the guest coming, we couldn't handle to take a lot of pictures.

Through this gathering, I met another loyal reader of Alodita's blog, Susy, Edwina and Mona. Malo also invited some #ibuibuHOT, Uchiet, Kae Pratiwi, Sabila Anjani, and Agnes Oryza (Tanya Larasati supposed to be there as well, but unfortunately she couldn't make it). The gathering was opened by Alodita and Indri from Nuxe Indonesia. She welcomed us and introduced new products from Nuxe, Nuxellence Eclat and Nuxellence Detox. Oh, and course they bring their holy grail product, Nuxe Multipurpose Dry Oil. Those products not only for display, but also we could try it. So lovely.

Both Nuxellence products are anti-ageing serum treatment. Nuxellence Eclat is for day time, while Nuxellence Detox is night time treatment. I'm so interested on this products, we can use this pre-serum together with other skin care or on it's own. Amazing thing from Nuxellence Detox is when you're applying on your face at night, in the next morning your skin will looks more fresh as if you have had extra 2 hours of sleep. Wow! Sounds great right?

When we've tried all the products and had a discussion about it, we're given mouthwatering dishes from the restaurant. Unfortunately my baby didn't want to sleep on his stroller, so I carried him (almost) during the event. :') Even Kae offered me to cut my appetizer so I still can eat. She's so sweet. Thank you! While enjoying our food, Uchiet told us a lot of stories, from behind her vacation to Raja Ampat until how to make a driver license, hahahhaha She always know how to make everyone laugh and happy.

After had a very nice chit chat, good food, a lot of laughter, of course we didn't forget to take a lot of picture with all the guests.

Pict. Andra Alodita

Before the end of this gathering, all of us got a goodie bag from Nuxe, and what's inside? Here we go...

That's the end of our gathering, happy and positive vibe all around. Once again, special thanks to Malo and also Nuxe Indonesia, for the invitation, goodie bag and everything. I'm so happy!!!


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  1. Semoga bisa ketemu lagi denganmu Fetty di event event selanjutnya hehheehe..salam untuk dedek enzoo :)

    1. Sama2 Mona :* seneng bisa ketemu kamu jugaa.. salam balik dari Enzo ;)

  2. Nice to meet you too, Fetty! Ternyata kita pun satu almamater, hehehe. Ngga sabar pengan ketemu Enzo lagi :)