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Haiii, oh, it's September already! I realize that during last 2 months I didn't share anything in here. Well, after giving birth last July, I was busy with the baby, trying to adapt my new role, etc. So yea, late post on everything. Actually, I should post this on July (right before my delivery time), but I still want to share with you what's on during my last trimester on pregnancy. Here we go...

Little bit flashback to June, it was my first Ramadhan in pregnant condition. At first, I'm not really sure that I can fasting as usual or like other people, since I have the baby inside. I always feel hungry and thirsty all the time (yes, I drink a lot of mineral water in a day). But, at the end, after consult with my obgyn (on the third day of Ramadhan, he said it's ok if I continue my fasting. Even he really support me to do fasting, since the baby growing so fast and bigger than his prediction (ooops!). Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me a chance to join fasting for the whole month, I felt so grateful and the baby was cooperative (thank you dear :*).

So, what did I do to keep my body healthy during Ramadhan and pregnant? Like I said, being pregnant doesn't mean can be lazy. I'm just trying to be active and still do some sports. Well, I'm not really sport person, but I keep doing this just for the sake of my health, and I think being pregnant doesn't mean can't do sport right? We just need to adjust the portion, of course depends on our pregnancy condition (remember, everyone is unique, don't push yourself to hard). I used to join regular yoga class in the office, and used to be runner before pregnant.

I'm not running anymore (for now), only did morning walk around our home on the weekend and tried to do prenatal yoga. Do you remember when I was joined Ayurvedic workshop last May? (you can also check in here) I've got the voucher for joining Yoga class in Nujuh Bulan Studioand I decided to use it. I've made a call to the studio directly and also send an email to get more information about it. Finally, I registered myself (and the baby) for first timer package prenatal yoga. 



yoga studio. childbirth education center. doula service.

breastfeeding support. postpartum care. ALL in one place.

The package that I took, consists of 1 introduction class and 2 prenatal yoga class. Ideally, you should take an introduction class first before the prenatal yoga itself. My plan was it can be done on 2 or 3 weekend. Why? because at that time, I'm still working and only can join the class on the weekend, plus I'm already set another weekend to prepare other things. So I have to stick with the schedule that I've made. Unfortunately, the first time when I came to Nujuh Bulan studio, there's no schedule for introduction class (the teacher away for class in another place), so I decided to join prenatal yoga class directly. Because I thought that there's no significantly different with yoga that I've learned before (yea, sounds too confidence, hahhaha).

I was in weeks 32 at that time. Did I fasting during the session? Yes, but at first I wasn't confidence if I can fasting for the whole day after yoga class. I mean, even when my condition not pregnant, doing yoga is quite tiring. I can't imagine doing yoga while pregnant and fasting, sounds hard right? Even though I decided to bring my bottle to the class (in case we need it, hehhehehe), but my intention still trying to do my best, not break the fast, and of course not push myself too hard, always remember my body limit. Surprisingly, I can hold it, finish the class, I felt the baby was ok (even moving a lot during the session), and had an iftar in time. Alhamdulillah. :)

I admit it, doing yoga while pregnant was more challenging than before. Sometimes I'm afraid hurting my baby or too hard, but then again I always keep in mind that "you can do it, as long as you're listen to your body". So, in the next weekend, I've got my introduction class and continued with the prenatal yoga class, at the same day. :D

Introduction class presented by Tia Pratignyo, the founder of the Prenatal Yoga Jakarta. I love the way she delivered the theory of prenatal yoga. She explained that prenatal yoga principle are breathing, movement and relaxation. Besides that, being pregnant means need physical, mental and spiritual preparation. Here are the benefit of prenatal yoga:

1. Physical preparation
As a pregnant women, have a good stamina and physically strong is an important thing. That's why you have to prepare your body to give birth. This preparation will help you to reduce physical complaints such as back pain, heart burn, cramps, pelvic pain, pubic pain, etc. Also remove tension and muscle tightness 

2. Mental preparation
Personally, this is the most important thing that I need. Preparing mentality to give birth can help you to reduce your stress, giving good affirmation to the baby, boost the mom-to-be confidence (reduce fear and anxiety) and build strength to give birth.

3. Spiritual preparation
Through relaxation and meditation, this is the time for you and the baby in the womb to create special bond and make a connection with them. I usually communicate with the baby since the first time I knew that I'm pregnant. This is help you to create more awareness and patience.

The teacher, Tia Pratignyo

There are several poses for prenatal yoga base:
1. Butterfly pose
2. Cat pose
3. Child pose
4. Squat pose
5. Triangle pose
6. Wall pose
7. Ball pose

And of course the most important key on yoga is breathing. Through this session, I've learned relaxation breath when contraction is coming (well, I've no idea how it feels at this time, but I will try to remember and practice it), they are:
1. Blowing candle breath
2. Hissing breath
3. Morning breath

Actually we can practice it regularly at home, until the due date is coming or whenever the baby wants to see this world. :D

If you're interested, you can visit their website or contact them directly for further information.

Nujuh Bulan Studio
Kebayoran Arcade 2 Blok B1, no. 10, Bintaro
Phone: (+62 21) 22211636
Instagram: @nujuhbulanstudio

That's it. So hopefully this will be useful for you who are still looking place for prenatal yoga and other related pregnancy class. In my opinion, this is recommended place to find a peace during pregnancy and before giving a birth. :)

See you in the next post!


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