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Being pregnant doesn't mean have to stay at home all day long (unless you really need it due to several circumstances) or stop doing something that you love right? I feel so grateful that during this pregnancy I still can being active and doing my routine. So, last Sunday I came to Mothercare Fabulous Mom-to-be Fashion Nation at Senayan City.

Through this event, we can see that by being pregnant we can still looks fabulous, watching fashion show, or even can be the part of it. Yes, there was fashion show by 10 fabulous mom-to-be, while showcasing the 10 most fashionable stroller, and had a chance to win exclusive U-Move stroller from Mothercare, which is worth 5 mio. Wow!! Too bad I didn't manage to send my photo and story to join the competition, hahahah Anyway, I was there as VIP guest (yes, the perks of being pregnant hehehhe), and so happy to be there. Besides that, we watched Mothercare Spring/Summer 2016 kids fashion show, also launching and signing "The Little Thought book of Baby Shower" by Nadia Mulya and Ola Harika.

And oh my.... Nadia looks fabulous with her pregnancy! Looks glowing and so beautiful. Even she still can wear high heels! Envy her so much hahahah From her, we can learn that no more old stereotype of pregnant women (as I mentioned before, but remember, unless there are some circumstance for some mom-to-be), and we still can enjoy the thing that we love. To dear all fabulous mom-to-be out there, this time for us to celebrate our pregnancy. Wish your pregnancy always happy and healthy, and have smooth delivery. For you who still waiting for it, don't give up, keep trying and never stop praying!! ;D


*pic courtesy: myself, & @mothercareindo

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4 lovely comments

  1. selaluuu suka sama ibu-ibu hamil yang tetap tampil eye catchy ;)

    Semoga saya nular hamil juga hihi.

    salam kenal ya mba, *new reader*

    1. Hai Ein, salam kenal juga. :
      Amiin... thank you ya!

    2. Hai Ein, salam kenal juga. :
      Amiin... thank you ya!

  2. saya sangat suka dan tertarik banget sama mothercare, thanks :) Pangan Halal