UP Anniversary & Lovely Dinner

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Haiiiii... It's been a while huh? :'D As usual, just got the mood back and time to share. Last month I've got a chance to attend special lovely dinner from my favorite local brand, UP. It's been 5 years since the first time I found this shoes brand and being their fan.

And finally, I met Diana Rikasari, the founder and one of my favorite blogger. Yeayyy!!! 

Had a lovely time with Diana, UP team and other customers. I came to the venue quite early because now I hate being late and stuck in the middle of traffic jam (you know Jakarta traffic can be so amazing and unpredictable). So I can have more time to chat with Diana and her team before other guests arrive. *wink*

The ambience is so UP, fresh, fun and warm at the same time. The dinner was enjoyable, lots of laugh, say hi and had a nice chit chat to each other. This is not formal dinner, so Diana let us to ask her anything. And of course we had a nice dinner and took a lot of pictures! Hahaha

Oh ya, before we're going home, all of guests got a cute package from Emina and GoGirl! Thank you so much for being so sweet~ :*

Oh ya, I also met Mega Iskanti there. She's so humble and so pretty!!! I can't take my eyes off of her, hahahahahha (well not only me actually).

Anyway, I'm a super happy and lucky customer, thank you for the invitation dear Diana and UP team. Once again, happy 5th anniversary!!! \(^.^)/


*pic courtesy: myself, and Nuri

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