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Hello September!

Actually I've tried to finish this post before August come to an end, but unfortunately I couldn't make it. This time I want to share my second time attended Creative Mornings lecture. August's theme is Action, and Kushandari Arfanidewi (Ayi), well known as @kelincitertidur on her Instagram was our speaker. Interesting thing is she's an architect, but now she's running her healthy catering. Cool, isn't it?


Oh ya, as usual, we got delish and free breakfast from different local brand each month. This time we have various tasty milk jam and curd, also eclairs by Mosaic Forest along the way from Bandung and cold brew coffee from Ray's Bottle of Joe. Sounds good, yes?


Okay, okay, enough with the food. Let's back to the topic. :p

Ayi studied architecture in the most pretigious school in Bandung, because her parents graduated from there as well. After graduated, this creative sould worked for property consultant for more than 4 years. Besides architecture, she's passionate about music, and cooking. Even she was band vocalist! Aahhh what a talent!! :'D

That's short story about her background, now it's time to know what inspired her to create healthy catering and what she have done for the local community. Through her passion, cooking, she started her healthy catering on early 2014. If you're using Instagram, please take a look her hashtag #ayshealthyascanbe. Her creations looks so yummy, very creative, and of course healthy. She wants to make healthy living in fun way and makes everyone happy. Not scary or boring as you may think about healthy food or catering.


At first she was started the catering, she's juggling in two different world, corporate and catering life. Tiring yes, but she's happy. But there's a time when she's really tired and finally decided to quit from the company! Wow, such a brave action (ehm well, at least for me :p).

After quitted from corporate life, now she's fully concentrate on her healthy catering business. It makes her time more available to learn and share (here and there, include this Creative Mornings lecture) about healthy food and living. Even she went to various places to find local food, and collaborate with people who have same passion with her, such as Letusee in Yogyakarta. Interesting? Yes!

From Ayi's sharing, I've learned that:

1. Creative soul need to be channeled. (Find it!)
2. Passion without action is nothing. (Just do it!)
3. Life is learning process. (Enjoy it!)
4. Determine your vision. (Keep holding on to that!)
5. Collaboration : appreciate yourself and others.
6. Experience and skills never be useless.
7. Creative person struggles all the time. (Be strong!)

That's Ayi's journey to find her real passion. So, for those of you who are still looking for it (ehm, including myself), don't give up! And in my opinion, support from the loved one, family and bestfriends will really help you once you've found it. ;)

Hope this post will inspire you to chase your passion and do it with wholeheartedly!

Last but not least, thank you to these people, who always kind to host this inspiring lecture. Hope to see you again soon in the next lecture! ^.^

CM Jakarta Organizer

Have a wonderful day!


P.s.: pictures courtesy by me, Creative Mornings Jakarta and Ayi instagram.

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