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Hello lovely people,

It's Sunday already, as usual time (weekend) flies so fast. But I still want to share my experience this week. I feel like need an escape from my routine, so I decided to take a day leave on last Friday. No, I didn't travel to beautiful place, no beach, or mountain, I just booked my time to attend Creative Mornings Jakarta to get inspired by creative people. Yea that will be enough for me.

So, what's Creative Mornings? Why should I sacrifice my precious leave for this? or maybe, why should I get up earlier than usual to catch up this event? Here we go...

"CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community."

Basically it's a free monthly event with short talk and breakfast in the morning. Not only in Jakarta, it's a global event. CM Jakarta hosted by Rofianisa Nurdin. This time she and her team bring "Collaborate" as their lecture theme, which is every theme has been chosen and applied globally. Collaborate itself is July theme actually, but since in Indonesia we have Ramadhan and Eid holiday, CM Jakarta team decided to move it on early August (while upcoming event, August theme will follow in the end of the month). Long story short, I knew this event from my ex-office senior. She always inform me and her friends through social media. But unfortunately I couldn't make it. Well, it's simply because I'm a corporate employee, and this event held during my office hour, at 8:00 to 10:00 am in the morning. So this time I make it special, took a day leave and just enjoy the lecture.

Touched down at Conclave at 7:15 am, amazingly I'm the first participant who arrived at the venue. I just don't want to be late, since the traffic from my home to here is unpredictable, and my husband told me, better be earlier than late. So I took a look the venue before the lecture start.

While waiting for the lecture start, they provided very nice breakfast, good coffee from Common Grounds and yummy vegan cakes from Elevate Bakery.

Lionel and Elsa from Common Grounds

Collaborate theme bring Ridzki Noviansyah from The Photobook Club Jakarta. He's a communication consultant, part-time writer, editor and photographer. In here, he explained his collaboration to create a photobook through his club. For me this is something new, so I just trying to listen to his explanation about photobook in Indonesia. The story, some example of the best photobook and also collaboration itself.

In here, I met new people from various background with positive energy. For me it's always interesting and exciting when met and talking with creative people. It feels like open my mind wider than usual. I'm not coming from creative industry, me as an employee from food company which always have same routine everyday, and attend this kind of event gave me a mood booster and great feeling. Hopefully I can attend the next lecture.

So, for you who interested to join with next lecture you can go to Creative Mornings Jakarta website and sign up to the newsletter to get an update. Be ready to get inspired!

Have a good rest! :*


Pic. courtesy: myself, Fabi

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