Happy Eid Mubarak!

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Happy Eid Mubarak, dear all moslem friends! 

Still in Eid al Fitr holiday mode, but the reality not always sweet as lollypop hahhaha Anyway, we have to go back to work yesterday. But good thing is there’s no heavy traffic on the way to office. Wooohoooo..  alhamdulillah! But I know it won’t be last forever, this is Jakarta. ;D At least I can warm up before next week, since I’m really sure it will be back to fully normal condition. So we have 4 days more to catch up all pending jobs during holiday.

Our 2nd Eid

This year I’m quite tired, but happy and blessed at the same time. Our first stop is Solo, my husband hometown. This is my first time to spend the rest of Ramadhan and Eid al Fitr praying there, with my in law and lil’ sister. Of course, we went to some favorite places to eat, but some of them closed due to Eid holiday. Still, I’m so happy to be back to Solo. The city always nice, not really busy and hustle bustle like Jakarta. So far we always enjoy our time there. :)

After Eid al Fitr praying and strolling around the city to eat, at night we’re leaving for my hometown. So happy can meet my parent, lil’ brother and the rest of family. As usual we only gather at home or my grandma’s house, eating at one of our aunt/uncle’s house, and meet our neighbors. My Eid celebration always simple, but for me it’s all about quality time with them. On the next day, we went to Bandung for family gathering from my deceased great-grandparent. Well the agenda is not that formal, we only gather, meet the other family, chit chat, laughing, eating, updating some useful family information, introducing new family member (if any) and not forget to take a picture. :p

From my grandma’s side, we continue our own gathering to south Bandung area. Yea, we went to Ciwidey on Eid holiday! I know it sounds crazy, went there in this kind of holiday. You must be patient and just pray that you’ll be arrived safely there. We arrived at the resort after almost 7 hours. Wow! You can imagine how’s the traffic made us crazy, hahhahaha me and husband trying to cheer up ourselves and my family in the car. But it didn’t work after halfway to get there. It’s super duper long and tiring journey. :’D

Patuha Resort, Ciwidey

Here we go, after we spent our time to fight with traffic up to Ciwidey on Sunday afternoon/night, in the next morning we went to Kawah Putih. I know this place is very popular among local and international tourist. Especially in this kind of holiday, this one became one of mainstream place to visit. Which means, say hello again to traffic. Actually the distance from our resort not really that far, but Eid holiday made it more far than usual. Not stopping there, people crowd also can be seen at ticket box and “ontang-anting” (it’s one of kind of transportation to pick us up to the crater, which provided by the management) queueing. Fortunately we got 2 free tickets / room from the resort, so we only need to buy the rest.

Upper area also packed with a lot of people. Well, what do you expect from Eid holiday like this? We went down to the crater using our masks, since the sulfur not giving good smell to us. The management allowed us to stay there, especially near the crater not more than 15 minutes. If you already feel nausea, dizzy and difficult to breath, better you’re going up before 15. It happened to me and my husband, we can’t stay there longer than that.

Honestly I still want to stay there, exploring some spot around the crater. But unfortunately we have to catch up the travel back to Jakarta, and be on time arrived at the shuttle in the city. So we parted with the family there, (me, husband and my parent back to the city earlier), while they will continue the holiday to another spot, and enjoy the rest of day.

Well, at least we met the whole family in this Eid holiday. Which means it's more precious than anything. Having home and family is a blessing. Alhamdulillah.... :)

Wish you have a good time with your family as well!


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