Barefoot Dream

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Fyuuu... Finally I can post something on my blog. Recently I'm ocuppied by my job! Hahaha so sad that I don't have much time to blog. After office hours, I'm too tired and mostly fell asleep with my phone on my hand! :)) well, it's not a good thing. That's why my this year KPI is to be time, both start and finish my work. So let's work smart, play smart! ;D

Oh ya, why I choose 'barefoot dream'? Actually I'm inspired by Korean movie which is based on true story, it's about former soccer player that didn't have promising life and children in East Timor that have a dream to become a soccer player but they don't have proper shoes. But in the end they can join international championship in Japan. There's no significant relation between the movie with my post tonight, but it's a good movie anyway. ;)

Well, so why I'm barefoot? I'm so interested to join Mbak Woro from The Pradonos's personal giveaway. You know what, the prize that we can get if win this giveaway is a pair of UP shoes! Who don't know this brand? Diana Rikasari is the genius one behind this brand! Ok then, back to giveaway, Mbak Woro will give 3 pairs of UP shoes for 3 winners!! Woohooo... Super excited!! As you know in my previous blog post, I always adore this shoes brand. Well yeah you can call me freak or whatever! But that's the fact! :))

Since Fall last year, I love navy blue color, even though I love pink the most, this time navy blue and its family stole my heart. Navy blue is new black for me. When I saw Pandora Sailor of UP, I'm fallen for her. Navy blue, red and white trim. That's uber cute! But sadly, until now I haven't got a chance to have it! I can mix it up with my favorite jeans or even my long skirt. Can be feminine also casual yet stylish. So I'm trying my luck through this giveaway. ;) because UP never fail to make me falling in love with their cute collections.

Lace Top, Crop Blazer - my Mom's closet; Maxi Skirt - My Fashionista; Jeans - C2 Outfitters; Clutch - Cotton Ink

See, I'm barefoot and I need a comfy yet stylish shoes! I need UP to cheer Up my day! ;D

Wish me luck! ;)

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5 lovely comments

  1. hi sweetie, i entered mba woro giveaway too and after i read your post, i feel like oooh she must be win! good luck dear, lovely outfit. you deserve to win her giveaway!

  2. I love your outfit dear ^^ Nice post! :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  3. You should win that giveaway, you need those shoes! :D


  4. Good luck for the giveaway! Love the red on youu:)


  5. Those shoes are just adorable! Look at those little bows!