2012: New Year, New You

by - 10:29 PM

Happy New Year!! :D
Wishing you a prosperous and happy life!

Second day of 2012 starts with rain in the morning. Yeah, just like yesterday. The weather was so gloomy, windy and a bit cold. But anyway I never let my laziness win to stay all day long at my room! Hihi so I went out with my boyfie, had lunch together and watched Sherlock Holmes.
Today I'm taking leave from the office. Well this is the first time I took it since last August! But this year, I'm already have a plan for traveling. Yaayy! So excited! :D
Then what am I doing today? Sleep like a baby in the morning, then had a nice lunch with my boyfie (yupp, he's working today) and his friends. Went to book store, buy a book and read some traveling books on the spot. It's simply fun! ;)

This year I have a lot of dreams, and some resolutions that I want to achieve, but the most important thing is I have to improve my time management. I admit that I'm bad at that thing, that's why I have to do it better than last year. Yupp! I'm ready to be new me with some improvement in this and that. Wish me luck!

What about you?

Enjoy the new year, and keep your spirit high! :)

Good nite all!

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3 lovely comments

  1. Happy new year dear!! Take care and good luck :) You have a great blog, mind to follow each other? ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. You have a greaaaaat new year spirit for sure, happy new year Fetty! :D


  3. Happy New Year, lover face!! :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88