Lucky November

by - 10:14 PM

See you again my wonderful October!
Holla my lucky November... :)

Feel great and always think positive in the beginning of new month will bring you into the great month ever! At least that's what happened to me ;) When you think about bad things, whatever is that, it'll lead you to bad mood, unhappy, not feel good, etc. Vice versa, when you think about good things, happy feeling, think postive, that'll be great for sure!! :)

Alhamdulillah... Thank you Allah for every good things in my life. When I met bad times, it means that you really love me, that's learning process for me. I feel so blessed for every good or bad times in my life. Life is like a wheel, sometimes up, sometimes down. Just don't let your spirit go.

How's your first November? Me? So excited!! For sure it's because of CN Blue!! Fufufufu :D and tonite I just found out my name on the list of winner Birdie necklace by Antyk Butik from UP!! Yeayyyyy!!! I'm so lucky!! It such a sweet surprise before I go to the dreamland! Thank you! *\(^o^)/*

So, let's enjoy this November and the rest of 2011 with happy feeling. Wish you have a great November ever! ;)


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15 lovely comments

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  2. nice that you always be in positive thinking :)
    good for you :)

  3. That's really good if you are always be positive thinking about anything.. :)

    White Honeyr

  4. Congratulations! I am following you now! <3<3

  5. it's ur lucky day! in this special date 11/11/11 we give u 11% off disc FOR ALL ITEM only for TODAY :) so grab ur own shopping bag NOWWW :)

  6. Have a great November, dear :)


  7. its good that u have a positive mind !
    i try to stay positive at all times too..


  8. Cant wait for december !! hahahaha

  9. hey dear,

    we have tons of NEW ARRIVALS item comings, do check at our webstore now :) happy shopping :)


  10. yes you're right, we all should being positive all the time, glad that you just reminded me that! HAPPY NOVEMBER!!! :D


  11. You have a great blog dear, love it! Mind to follow each other? :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥