Unforgettable Journey :)

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It's been a year ago. I went to Korea (South), exactly Suwon, with 8 other student representatives from my university. But I still have deep memories about it (and maybe for all of us). We represent our university for student exchange program for four months. We're so excited at that time, because it's the first time for us to go abroad. Thus 9 peoples will start a great journey together.

Still at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (without Pipit and Ryan)

It still the end of winter when we arrived there. For us, tropical peoples, the weather is too cold, windy, and dry. But of course, we had to adapt with the new situation, atmosphere, and new things.

Me, and the rest of Fall/Winter

For the first time, we went to Seoul with another exchange students, Gyeongbook Palace (경복궁) and Insadong is our destination. Not only this trip, but also we have another trip, like Gyeongju Tour, Ganghwa Island Trip, and many more. We're so excited with all of the trip which provided by our school/campus.

Gyeongbook Palace (경복궁)

This is main gate of our campus. Almost everyday we pass this gate, and we usually make some appointments with friends in here.

Main gate of Ajou University

And here we go, this is my favorite season, SPRING! After we through cold weather, and dry, it's time for us to enjoy this season. We're so excited about this. We took a lot of picture (almost) in every corner of the school, especially near the cherry blossom trees. Of course because we don't have kind of trees like this in Indonesia. ;) But, actually not only us who excited to take a lot of pictures, but also a lot of Korean students did it. It's so fun. :D

Spring at my campus

I love this season, because the weather is really good. Cool, and beautiful. One of Korean friend told me that our school is the one of place which has a beautiful cherry blossom trees in Suwon. Ah.. we feel so lucky.

Library, soccer field, and cherry blossom
Time flies so fast. Four month is really short. We've learned many things during we lived there. Many experiences, met many different peoples with different background, learned Korean culture, and daily life, and so on. We have a wonderful journey, and have a lot of memories. Someday, I hope I can go back there, because I left a half of my heart there. :)

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